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Hi all! I have some questions about food. I feed my cat some dry and wet food. I have been using Nutro dry kitten food, my cat is now on adult food. Anyway he is getting picky about food. The food I buy he does not like. So I have to get another bag of dry to try it out. Anyway I'm getting tired of buying food he does not like and spending the extra money. Just wondering if someone know if any cat food companies give samples so I can try it to see if he likes it? By the way he likes the wet stuff only a couple he does not like so thats no problem.
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I would recommend finding a smaller pet store in your area ... often they get samples from the makers to give out..

Which flavor is you kitty on in dry??? this will help in suggesting which to try ...

If no samples avail ... ask if they use have foods guarenteed by the makers...
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