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Hello everyone! I am new to this board.

My husband and I have rescued 2 flame point himis and they are both adorable, they get along great, and they adore being fussed over.

My little girl Chloe was urinating 1 foot outside the box on my carpet runner. I took her in to the vet and they prescribed medication other than Clavomax because she is allergic. It has been 8 days on the drug and although I see her using the box everyday and generally acting more chipper, I do notice her eating more! I feed them Natural Choice Lamb dry. I have to finish her prescription and send her back for another urine test. I think she feels better and I know the medicine is working.

My problem is: Rusty my boy cat is marking by the door. The front door marking started with Chloe when our place was being shown for sale and various maintence men fixing things. I think this was the start of her getting the UTI.
Since her medicine, she has stopped urinating other than in her 2 boxes. Rusty on the other hand must still be smelling the hormone because he is so intrested in that spot next to the door.
I bought Feliway spray last week and I noticed it was working really well for one week. Then our place was shown on Friday and guess what I see? I think it is him because Chloe shows no intrest in that area anymore.

I have used Nature's Miracle and Equalizer with the enzyme remover.
We are moving in 2 weeks back to California and they are coming with us in the cabin as our carry-ons. I am worried as soon as we open the door to our new apt, he is going mark himself all over the place! I have also bought Flower Essense which I have put in their water bowl. They both go back to the vet next week for their health certificate in order to fly.

Is this behavior normal, or is Rusty sick as well?

By the way, the 2 litter boxes are cleaned 2 to 3 times a day and changed every 3 weeks. I have used Nature's Miracle litter brand which they seem to like because they were both declawed before we adopted them.