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Quill's Golden Palace

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It's really a box (Don't tell him!), but he loves it anyway

Hey, A Palace!

I, Quill C. Plumington IIIV, proclaim this Palace as mine!

Hey, I really like the room ... *purr purr purr*

Oh no! the Great Red Pom Poms of Doom are attacking! I must defend my Palace!

Victory is mine! Can I go back to my Palace now? Is it safe?

I'll just keep watch over my Palace if the Red Pom Poms decide to come back ...
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Yay, it's safe! I can return to my Palace. *smile*

And become King of the Golden Palace once again ....
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He is a cute little boy with a very nice palace.
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he's such a handsome boy!
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Look how big he's smiling! He just loves his palace - such a strong King, defeating those red poms of terror and doom! Keeping the world a safer place for kitties everywhere.
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He is gorgeous he deserves a palace
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Quill every king should have his own palace
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King Quill is so very handsome I loved him the first time I saw him and his beautiful pink nose
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That's great! what a brave kitty for taking on the red poms of doom
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Quill is even more beautiful than I remember! I'm sure you've told the story of how he got his name before, but I can't remember it. Do you mind sharing it again?
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Aw I love him he is so cute!!!
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awww...quill is sooooo cute!!!
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