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Charlize Theron is at my school..

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..filming for Ferris Wheel with Woody Harrelson. I think it's so cool that famous people are shooting a movie HERE. In 2003 they filmed scenes from Falling Angels on my street too.
Have any movies been filmed in your city?
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That's really neat! Maybe you'll get to meet her/ I live in Memphis- so there's always something going on here
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Oh that is so cool!!!

Radio (with Ed Harris and Cuba Gooding Jr) and parts of Forest Gump were filmed in my husband's hometown (Walterboro, SC).

They filmed a short film called The Lottery (with Keri Russel) in my hometown. We had to watch it in school b/c it was a short story we read.

That's pretty much my only claim to fame...oh, my husband met Matt Damon when he came in to do voiceover work at the studio where hubby works. He was such a nice guy apparently!
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The only one I can think of is Dawn of the Dead ... some zombie movie. A few of my friends were extras
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Parts of We Were Soldiers was filmed on Ft. Benning. Mel Gibson made quite the impression in the area. He ate at 4 Winds restaurant which is a down home burger joint famous for its Ranger Burgers. Yum!
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ummm, love Woody Harrelson...loved him in Will & Grace BIG TIME!!!

That is cool. We have had a few movies done probably never heard of any of them though....I mean no ones heard of Rocky right?!

There was also a boxing movie done down the st from my house with Cuba Gooding Jr. in it.....I can't think of the title of it now....
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And like a loyal TCS member the first thing she does is post it here!
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They filmed Grumpy Old Men in Wabasha - only 20 minutes from me! We've been up there and gone to all the places they filmed at too!
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A few movies have had parts filmed in Baltimore (Enemy of the State- Will Smith & Gene Hackman, As Good As It Gets- Jack Nicholson & Helen Hunt) but I've never seen anyone famous!
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The prize winner of Defiance, Ohio had some scenes shot in Paris, Ontario where my parents live and I lived for 8 years. Woody Harrelson is in it too.

Shadow Builder was also filmed there. It was a pretty stupid movie.
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I don't think they film movies here in Los Angeles.... Just kidding.

In my hometown in Georgia though they did film scenes from a movie called Mama Flora's Family with Cicely Tyson, and recently they filmed scenes for the HBO movie about FDR. Cynthia Nixon stayed at a friend's B&B.
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That is so COOL!!!

They filmed a few movies here...or parts of the movies anyway...Seabiscuit and some of my husband's HAy was in it Also the movie with Dakota Fanning and Kurt Russell was filmed here, My husband talked to Kurt one day at the Racetrack!!!
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Tell them both I said, "Hello!"
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