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Doh! Now I remember! (guess I'm not that young )

Thats awesome that your cats won those awards. It must be a very rewarding experience.

I'm going to my first cat show (ever) next weekend in Crown Point, IN. I'm excited about it, even though I'm not showing. I'm a litte concerned about my allergies though. I'm terribly allergic to most cats (I posted my experience in an allergy thread on this forum). Duke I have no allergies to at all, and I'm hoping the same will be true for Ares (I hear bengals have a similar coat structure as siamese). That will be the second biggest deciding factor for me on whether or not I show my babies (the first of course being whether THEY are up to it or not). Time will tell. I'll be sure to post pics when I get back!
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I have a ragdoll named Ares! I name all my kittens, some keep the names others don't, my Ares is getting older, so when I do find the right place for him, they may want to keep it the same, since he is used to it, but he isn't registered yet, so it could be changed. I just saw the name and thought it was cool!
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My breeder named him, but I LOVE the name. I've always loved greek mythology and I've even had an affinity towards the War God Ares (I'm pretty darn harmless, mind you, but I guess its kinda freudian )
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I was going to ask if you named him or his breeder, I figured you may have though, some breeders don't name them (too many of them after a while ) I do though, I love naming them. I think more people rename them then keep it the same.
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love mythology too... A few of the names I'm considering for my new kitten are from greek/other mythology but I still haven't picked a name... Some of the ones I was considering were Loki, Grendel, Orion, Apollo, Anubis, Odin...

I used to love Morris! That's really neat about the statue. I think I had a book about Morris once actually...like an "auto" biography.
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I vote for Loki!!! The trickster (though misunderstood). Purrfect name for a cat!!!
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I like odin, my ares' grandfathers name
(Dante's father, it's spelled wrong in the siggy, but she was so nice to make me one, and tried a couple times to fix the spellings, I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was still wrong, LOL!)
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I didn't show Duke this time, but I think I'll show him at the next show in January. It was really nice, and all the people were very informative. The cats were AMAZING!!! Unfortunately, I didn't pack an extra set of batteries and my camara died out!

I did get a few pics though (which didn't come out too well):

This was the sweetest cat I've ever met. He rolled over in his owners arms and purred. He's a big boy too!

Here were some gorgeous snowshoe kittens:

And their papa:

And these Balinese were SOOO elegant! They were pretty active too, so thats why these pics are so blurry

These were the only pics I got. There were also some gorgeous Main Coons (HUGE!) these amazingly tiny yet SOOOO cute Oriental Shorthair kittens. We saw some Bengals too, but the owner wasn't around so we couldn't ask too many questions. They were stunning though. Pictures really don't do these cats justice!

The judges were really entertaining and did a good job explaining why they liked each cat they placed.

I can't wait until January's show!!!
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Oh my, that is a beautiful big kitty! Is it a purebred or a mix?
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He's a mix IMO - cream point or something. Nice pictures. I'm assuming it was a TICA show since you mentioned bengals being there
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It was an ACFA show and I believe that cat in the first picture was a ragdoll or a ragamuffin (I can't remember right now). The lady holding him is his breeder.

Edit: After looking at the breed standards, I think it must be a mitted cream point ragdoll (mostly because of the blue eyes). I had her card somewhere, but I can't find it now.
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Oh cool! I'm glad you got to go. I plan on entering Toby for the January 13th show too. Maybe I'll see you there!
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I'm definately going to be there. Maybe we can help each other out if you decide to go? Its a two day show. I'm only about 25 minutes away, so I won't need to book a room, but I think there's a hotel where other show folks will be staying. We saw people from Ohio, St. Louis, Wisconsin, southern Illinois. It was a lot of fun and the people were very friendly.
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Shannon (Godiva) and I are going to our first show in a few weeks. Everyone gave us great advice already. If there's anything else you veterans could add, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again!
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If you have one cat you are showing, take along a book to read. But you all might be too busy checking out the other cats/cat stuff.....oh and only take a set amount of money with you - otherwise you'll be buying all the cat toys, etc.

Just out of curiousity, let me know if there are any ocicats in the show or cornish rexes and who they were - thanks

Depending on what Charlie does at the Jan show, there is another kitten show (ACFA) I could put him in end of April. And Charlie will be 8 months old on the Monday AFTER the show....hehehehe
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I'll be taking pics of every cat there if the exhibitors will let me!

Since I'm posting the pics on my own personal blog, I'll but their cattery info up with the pics. At the last show everyone was really cool about letting me photograph their cats. I don't think there were any rexes or oci's when I was there, but a lot of the exhibitors had already left and this was a much smaller show than the one coming up. I'm hoping for a large variety of cats too!
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My DH says "I hope she has a digital camera with back ups". You might wind up with 200+ cats if everyone shows up
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Good point! I think I'll bring my laptop so I can just download the pics as soon as my memory card gets full. It does video as well, so maybe I'll gat a few 'moving pictures' too!
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What kinds of things do you guys suggest bringing with us to our seat? What are we required to bring, and can we decorate the cages in any way? What is considered tasteful, what kinds of decorations do people do? What does the typical schedule look like? Do we groom our kitties at the hotel?

I guess I didn't pay a lot of attention when I went a couple years ago to a cat show here in Indy.

I sent in the e-mail to bench with you, tiffany... let me know when you get confirmation if you do before I do. I'm staying at the hotel Friday night, but not Saturday.
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I just got off the phone with Karly. She said she'd be sure to bench us together and also with a mentor. (she tried calling you as well)

She said to bring sheets to put on the sides/top/bottom of the cages. If you look back at the pictures I posted from the last show, you can see some of the cage decorations in the snowshoe cage and the balinese cage (the theme was "Winter Wonderland")

I'm gonna put a list of recommended things to bring in my next post and I'll continue to add to it as more suggestions come along.
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You will need some towels or buy some material (usually about 5 yards is plenty (45 inch width) for a double cage. The material is used on the 3 sides of the cage (you can use all towels if you want). A towel or 2 for the bottom and also the top (so 4 towels minimum). Might want to bring an extra in case of an accident (litter/water).

Clips (those little black clips you put on paper) to hold the towels/material on the cage. Drape the material INSIDE the cages. If you bring your own portable cages be sure that the sides/back is either covered or is solid so your kitty cannot have contact with the next door neighbor kitty.

Bring kitty's bed, food/water bowls (and do NOT leave food/water in the cage if you are not right there). A small litter pan - either plastic or cardboard you can throw away.

Bring grooming supplies (combs, brushes, q-tips, powder) Grooming can be done at the show, but be sure kitty's completly groomed at home. You'll need to give a bath a few days before (Thurs would be good). If longhair be sure to blow dry - don't air dry and use a good conditioner.

What I would do is when you get to the show, check the schedule and circle where your HHP's are in each ring - usually one judge has them first thing, etc. Mark both days (Saturday/Sunday); sometimes its slightly different. Then go around and take a look at how those with longhairs are grooming their cats - you want them combed to fluff up a bit around the neck, but smooth over the back, tail fluffed up. Make sure you check tummy for ANY tangles and get them out!

You can decorate them pretty much any way - I make it simple cause I've always had "wild" cats.... Pick out towels/material to compliment your cats (maybe go with eye color or coat color. Charlie's chocolate - so I'm using Ling's bright shiny red curtains and then getting a white/beige towel and Charlie's "spotted" bed.

Might want to try a few different color towels or sheets or something you have solid color against your kittys to see the best.
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Also, bring along lots of water, a packed lunch and a headache reliever...for you! Please do remember to keep hydrated. Showing for the first time can be stressful for both cat and human. I remember my first show...I don't think I drank any water that day and paid for it dearly the next day!
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(copying most of this from GK - Thanks!)

A few towels in a nice color to compliment your cat - you'll need 3 to go inside the cage on the sides/back; one for the bottom; one for the top and an extra one in case of an accident. (cage dimentions are 24 X 24 X 28)
  • Some clips or large pins to attach the towels to the cage.
  • Grooming combs & brushes
  • q-tips
  • powder (cornstarch only).
  • baby wipes
  • Small litter box - the clubs provide the litter (unless you want to bring your own).
  • Book to read inbetween rings
  • pens (to mark catalog) and any other thing you want to keep you occupied.
  • The cat and a carrier - can't just carry them in.
  • a field chair, so you have something to sit on.
  • food/water (for both you and kitty, though there will be vendors for you)
  • aspirin (or something else for a potential headache)
  • food dishes
  • bed or blanket (preferable scented like home to make kitty comfy)
  • Camara (note to self!)
  • dryer sheet for static on coat
  • isopropyl alcohol and paper towels to wipe down the show cage
Some grooming advice from GK for longhaired cats:

After you give him a bath and rinse, rinse, rinse (use shampoo and conditioner), you'll have to blow dry him and comb at same time.

Get a fine and medium toothed comb. At the show, bring some cornstarch baby powder and sprinkle some in the coat - not too much. Then take the fine toothed comb and go over his entire body kinda backwards to fluff up and then lightly comb down the back/sides.

You want to fluff the ruff - like a lion - so comb in the opposite direction up and around his face/neck.

Tail can be combed down, then take and lightly shake it out like a bottle brush. Be sure and check belly and under the arms for any tangles.

BTW before you wet him down for the bath be sure you comb EVERY tangle/knot out of his coat - otherwise you will never get them out after wetting.

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Add to list:
  • Dryer sheet for static on coat
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Any recommendations on a good shampoo and conditioner?

(I figured we could keep this on the boards in case anyone wants to read it in the future, it may help them out...)
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And some advice from this thread:
  • isopropyl alcohol and paper towels to wipe down the show cage (for those of us that will be using them)
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I use All Systems products for both my Norwegian and my Abys for grooming (show or otherwise). And I also use Bio groom color enhancer shampoos (there's one for different colours like black, bronze, white etc). Don't forget to dilute both shampoo and conditioner before using!
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I've used Nexxus or Pantine shampoo and conditioner on my cats.
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Originally Posted by Abymummy View Post
I use All Systems products for both my Norwegian and my Abys for grooming (show or otherwise). And I also use Bio groom color enhancer shampoos (there's one for different colours like black, bronze, white etc). Don't forget to dilute both shampoo and conditioner before using!
OK, so what do you do for pointed cats?
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Originally Posted by tiffanyjbt View Post
OK, so what do you do for pointed cats?
Here's what I'd do for your baby if you're really interested!

If the show starts Saturday, bathe your cat on the Monday or Tuesday before the show!

1. All Systems Crisp coat shampoo - diluted 1 part to 10 water. If his coat is really greasy, then use 1 part to 8 water. Shampoo once and rinse, rinse, rinse and when you think his coat is completely shampoo free, rinse again!

2. Since he's seal point follow with the Bio Groom bronze color enhancer which is meant for reds and browns, (don't worry, the "white/cream" bits of his coat wont be overly affected) - again diluted 1 part to 10 water. Rinse, rinse, rinse, and...see above!

3. Follow with a blow dry - cool, not hot air, using a comb. Start from the spine downwards (using gravity to help), followed by the tail, feet and lastly the face.

For the days following up to show day, give him a thorough brushing at least once daily to bring up the shine in the coat.

Make sure nails are clipped, gums are pink, ears are cleaned, eyes are bright and shiny, vaccinations are up to date and he's good to go!

Of course, GK may have other ideas but this is what I do for my Aby's and Mocha!

Hope this helps!
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