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How long will the Christmas tree stay up? Stories please.

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This is the first year with our approximately 1 year old kitty who is fully clawed. We set up the artificial Christmas tree on Saturday afternoon. He was very helpful on that...NOT. He was curious about it and tried to climb up a little ways on the trunk but would stop when we'd tell him no. We waited till a day later and put the lights on it late yesterday afternoon. Now he's even more interested in it. (I put him in the bedroom while I was putting the lights on so he didn't try grabbing at the strands of lights.) Today is our first full day back to work. We're wondering if it will be knocked over by the time we get home. No ornaments on it yet. We're going to wait a few days for that.

What have your experiences been with your cat(s) and Christmas trees. I can imagine there might be some pretty funny ones out there.
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Well I put my tree up Saturday and its Phantoms first Christmas. She thinks it just for her! Like a real tree for me? She has climbed it knocked the branches out of the base, knocked the ornaments off (thank goodness for unbreakable ornaments) pulled strings of lights off. I am dreading finding out what she has done while I am at work!
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Oh wow. You have a real curious kitty. We'll have to write again tomorrow after we see how today went while we were at work all day. My DH gets home before me so I'm betting that he'll call with some interesting news about how the tree faired today.
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We don't have a Christmas tree yet. Tradition says that we put up the tree on the evening of the 24th of Dec. and keep it until the 6th of Jan. But last year was Nena's first Christmas [she was about four months old] and as we didn't know how she would react, I decided to decorate the whole tree with cut-out cookies. The tree was beautiful and Nena was such a good little girl... at first. After a few days she began playing with the cookies on the lower branches, and each time one fell down off the tree, there went the dog and ate it! Tragically Nena was killd in October so she won't have a second Christmas but I will put a cookie with Nena's name on it in our Christmas tree.
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This is Raphael's first Christmas, so I went easy on the breakable decorations this year, too, even though he's a "senior" (my butt. He's only 8! And he has moments of kittendom still).

He layed down under it when I had finished putting the lowest level of branches on it (it's fake) and has been firmly planted there all day. So, my prediction is that the tree probably won't be abused, but that I'll have to serve his meals under there from now until New Year's

My other cats ignore it. Gracie is actually a little bit scared of it and Leo just can't be bothered with it!
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My cats could care a less about it, although instead of walking around it they must walk under it!!! Since it has gone up Severino has been guarding it ... just sits in front for HOURS!!! It's WEIRD!!!
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Yeah, Frankie has been laying under it like it's his own fort or something. I didn't get a all from DH and he's home by now so maybe all is still intact or DH wants me to see what he saw when I come home. I'll see shortly.

That's so cute about decorating with cookies and then the dog would eat the cookies that got batted down. I bet the cat was your dog's best friend during that! So sorry to hear about Nena.
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Awww first of all, so sorry to hear about Nena, Carmen. Fly free, sweet nena!

My boys love to terrorize the tree (and their people! lol) by wrestling around and under it, chewing on the branches, climbing the tree, etc, etc. Especially Smeagol! I made a post about this a couple days ago, even. lol He is driving us all nuts! Trixter is pretty good about it, except when he sees Smeagol under it and decides he needs to slide under and pounce on him! Last year, the tree fell over many MANY times. Only about 3 times so far this year....lol

I must admit, though, there is something very funny and amusing about a full grown cat up inside the christmas tree. lol They are both such characters!
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My kitty Sneakers is way too lazy to try to climb the Christmas tree luckily!
She's never tried it, not even once... Our previous cat Sylvia (RIP) on the other hand...we caught her staring very intently up into the tree one day. After that I got the idea to put some oranges with slits in them around the base of the tree. Like many cats she HATED the smell of citrus, and after that she always left the tree alone.

I'm a little (ok a LOT) worried what the new kitten will do with the tree though... We're bringing him home a few days after Xmas so maybe I'll just take the tree down early this year...

Here's a pic of our previous cat Sylvia at Christmas:

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It was Chesters first christmas last year and when we set it up (real tree) he would run and jump directly into the tree, jump down and then climb it. He did it about 15 times before he started slowing down. After that he occasionally would climb it. The tree was ancored to the wall (we left the hooks in and hidden) and we didn't put anything breakable on it, just incase. all went well.
This year Dynah will be 3 months old for christmas and Chester has already started practising by climbing our habiscus tree regularly. it's going to be another non breakable christmas I think.
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These are funny. Frankie made it through our first full day away from him without doing anything to the tree. I swear he only tries to be naughty when we're home. This morning he was extra feisty and kept batting at the lights and I'd tell him no and he'd stop. Then he batted at the lights and I told him no and the light string kept coming down more and I told him no again before realizing that one of his front dew claws was stuck to it. He looked so puzzled. I unhooked him and we were good to go again. I have to get those bottom lights up a little higher so they don't hang down and tempt him as much. I have to get a picture of him under there. He looks so content in his Christmas tree fort.
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Wow - you mean you guys actually put up Christmas trees?!?!? I gave that up about 12 years ago when we got to cat #9. The last tree was in a tree stand, braced in the bottom by boards, tied to the ceiling with a rope, and no ornaments on the bottom half. At the time with 5 dogs and 9 cats, it just wasn't worth the hassle. We just decorate outside trees with dried fruits for the birds now.
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This is the most animals we've had for a while. (4 cats, 2 dogs). The "girls" don't really seem to care much about the tree, except that Nadette was kind of excited about the new satin treeskirt last year. Smudge is so pleased that we put up this enormous tree with lights JUST FOR HIM!!! The good news is that he's one of the "fort" guys that just wants to hang out under it!

So far it seems invisible to the dogs, LOL.
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This is Sadie's first Christmas, and I've had the tree up for almost a week. The tree is still standing....for now!
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Uh oh, I may be eating my words. Smudge found out there are things HANGING from the tree!
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Originally Posted by kluchetta View Post
Uh oh, I may be eating my words. Smudge found out there are things HANGING from the tree!
Not HANGING fromt the tree!! You actually hung things on the tree??

I'm waiting till Frankie gets over his facination with the lights before putting the ornaments on. Actually that might take forever so I'm just waiting a week and will try HANGING things on this weekend when I can keep a better eye on him.
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The first time my cat saw our Christmas tree and all the shiny glass ornaments she went completely bezerk with it . I have now learnt to use a small plastic tree and I place it on a high table in a corner of the living room. For some odd reason she has never had an urge to climb it and break all the ornaments like she did with our first tree that sat on the floor.

I guess its about compromise....

But I if I leave any presents under the tree, most likely I will find them the next day with bits of the wrapping paper torn or bitten off. I sometimes think she was perhaps a dog in her previous life.....
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Once the tree is fully decorated, the ornaments will be the first to go. Shortly there after, you will have pine needles everywhere. Sometimes, cats just chill in the branches of your trees, so you will get to try and clean the sap off their fur.

In the end, you will be rewarded with what is essentially a broken christmas tree, but you will also have lots of happy holiday cat memories so its worth the trade off - especially if you take pictures!.
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Originally Posted by charmaniac View Post
Once the tree is fully decorated, the ornaments will be the first to go. Shortly there after, you will have pine needles everywhere. Sometimes, cats just chill in the branches of your trees, so you will get to try and clean the sap off their fur.

In the end, you will be rewarded with what is essentially a broken christmas tree, but you will also have lots of happy holiday cat memories so its worth the trade off - especially if you take pictures!.
Oh my, I'm glad we have an artificial tree. I'd hate to have to deal with cleaning sap off his fur.
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My friend (who doesn't have a pet) is urging me to get a small artificial tree - there happens to be some great sales right now. But I told her I didn't think it would be a good idea with the kitty; she is a chewer and I have an awful feeling she would chew on the branches and whatever she could on the tree. I don't know how I will decorate this Christmas.
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Luna has never attempted to climb my parents' real tree, though she did try it with my (little) fake tree. luckily she just got on one of the branches and since the tree was so cheap (from target) that the branch just fell off! haha. Duct Tape fixed that problem. Other than that, she does love to play with the ornaments hanging on the bottom, so this year i've decided to try and hang cat toys from the bottom the one's they put out for christmas. We'll see how she likes that. Most of the "real" ornaments I have are cheap ones as well, therefore not so breakable anyway...

Considering things under the tree, Luna LOVES to chew on ribbon. She chewed all the dangly ribbon off a present to one of my friends last year. So i've decided to keep the ribboned-gifts ontop of the TV or something.
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Well this is going to be Gizmo's first Christmas. I have a nice little artificial tree that i put up every year and I'm not too sure how he's going to feel about it. Knowing how he is though, he'll probably be afraid of the thing, which would actually suit me fine. Then I won't have to worry about him trying to climb it, hide in it, or destroy it.

I'm hoping to get the tree up this weekend so we'll see how it goes.
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I'm putting up a small, potted fake tree in the study, with unbreakable ornaments. It's up on a pedestal, and has been there, despite Smudge's battting the lower ornaments, for 4 days (funny...just as I typed this, he started again--no, wait a minute, it's LOKI!--Drat!). It's still standing! I usually have a large, real tree in this room, but we have 4 more young ones now, so I thought it best to have the above; but may have a big real tree in the living room. Amazingly, even though we had 5 cats last year (including 2older kittens), no trees were harmed--they just batted a few lower ornaments, and stole some of the plastic "icicles". I will decorate to be motre cat-friendly this year, because of the Wild Bunch foster cats!
Every day, when I came home from work, I fully expected to see a horizontal tree, and water all over the place!

I also decorate a tree for the birds (outside).

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My parents have a pretty inventive way to fix that issue, and I know better than to get a full sized tree.

The folks have three anchor points. One above, and two on the walls. The tree is always in the same corner, so they just leave the hooks in year-round. Their cat is too fat and lazy now to really try anything, but when he was young and frisky, he brought the whole eight foot tree down one night. There's a kind of tree (a real tree, obviously) that has its branches really close together, and they branch off really close to the main trunk. It would be impossible for a large cat to get into, but I think my Bella could still manage it.

Make sure to keep the breakable ornaments out of kitty reach!

I think I'm going for one of Target's little rosemary trees this year, and some cheap-o ornaments, since all of my Christmas decorations are in another state.
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We don't anchor the tree but I've never had a pet knock it over... We use a very heavy tree stand and the animals pretty much stay away from it anyway. The only thing I have to watch out for is my mother. She's knocked over the trees a couple times!
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My own Christmas tree is only about a foot tall! The cats rarely bother it, but Willow did try to 'eat' it last year!

When we visit my parents' for Christmas though, Molly will immediately climb it (followed by Tibby) and knock as many baubles as possible onto the floor where they will then continue to bat them around the room! They can cause so much tree disaster in a matter of minutes!

My Mum's poor Christmas tree is all bent and strange looking now! Good job she's a cat lover too and loves to see the cats playing in the tree!
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Ginger has decided not to climb our flimsy 4ft tree after discovering she seems to get wet everytime she starts to play with it.
Is now sitting snugly on the sofa after cleaning that dreadful water off looking sideways at it in case it decides to attack again LOL.
Now what to do about the baby?
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This is our first Christmas in our place together and first with our new kittens and we just got our tree up, both our lil kittens were fighting over the braches I had trimmed off. Tommie was bitting on the branch and drug it away from his brother so I guess he claimed it for his......

Is it OK for them to nibble on the pine needles? Not sure I give our tree....huuuum 3 days before I come home w/ it knocked over
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I bought some small holed, dark green netting from the craft store, and wrapped it around the bottom half to 2/3rds of the (real) tree, leaving enough hanging off around the bottom that I could gather it together underneath the tree around the trunk (I use a stapler to hold the ends together), and no more kitties drinking tree water, no kitties climbing in the tree, no toddlers undecorating the tree ( the nettings original purpose ), and no new Boxer dog helping herself to toys off the "ball tree" ! I'll post a pic if I can- you can barely tell that the netting is there . Oh, and it also keeps wayward ornaments from hitting the floor ! This is the 3rd year I've used it- so far, so good !

Here it is:
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We finally put unbreakable ornaments on after having the tree with lights up for a week. The next morning Frankie was batting the ones he could reach off the tree and then he decided he wanted one half way up the tree and took a flying leap at the tree. It shook and the angel on top fell down but was held from falling completely by the power cord. I screamed when he did his flying leap and he hasn't tried that again but is facinated in trying to get the lights and lower ones so now we only have ornaments on the top half. Looks pretty silly but so far we still have a tree.
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