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Satellite Radio

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Does anyone here has satellite radio? My mom is wanting to get my dad one for Christmas but she is technologically challenged so that leaves me to do the research for her. She wants to get it for his workshop. But I found a package for $119 that includes the receiver, docking station with speakers for the shop, and a docking station for his car too. Its from Sirius. So my question is do you have satellite radio? Its it XM or Sirius? Do you like it?
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A good friend of mine has Sirius and loves it.
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We have sirius and love it...there is an Elvis Channel!!
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I know there isa Cosmo channel that a friend of mine loves!
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My Grandparents have XM Radio - and so does my Aunt & Uncle - and they love it! It came with their vehicles when they got them.... but they pay like $15 a month for it I think? At any rate - I love it, I really want it installed on my car!
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We've got Sirius and I don't know what we did before we got it! LOL If your Dad is into sports and may want to listed to sports on the satellite radio, Sirius is definitely the way to go. Other than sports, they match up fairly evenly. Sounds like a pretty good deal on the receiver/systems.
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I have satallite radio included with my satallite tv I have to turn on my tv to listen to it but I love it and I have Sirius
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We have XM in our car. My husband got it because he used to live in the DC area and now both sets of shock jocks that he enjoyed, Opie and Anthony as well as Ron and Fez, are on XM only. He also loves the Cinemagic station which is just movie clips and movie scores. He's a dork like that.

Overall, I give it a big thumbs up.
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we have XM in our cars and at home - and we also pay for my dad's subscription to it too. . .we LOVE it.
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My husbands new Honda came with XM radio and he listens to it all the time!
Yes, the shock jocks are one of his presets. Hmmmm. Imagine that! Did you know that you can listen to XM on your computer if you have a subscription to it?
Once in awhile I come home to Opie and Anthony blaring in the house. It always cracks me up!
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Well I've had XM before- I liked it but I cancelled because I didn't think it was worth that much $$ each month and I had already had it for a while- I was just burned out on it. My mom has XM which we listen to here at work and she likes hers.... She also has Sirius in her Jeep and I think she prefers XM....

One word of caution- and we just figured this out recently- with XM make sure you are keeping track of your contract dates... Last year for my mom's b-day I got her a 1 year subscription which expires January 18th.... well they automatically charged my card (because I was the last one to pay I guess) for another year- November through October!! Which means if we hadn't caught it we would have paid for 2.5 months (Nov-Jan), twice!
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If he likes Nascar, Sirius is going to start a dedicated Nascar channel in 2007.

We have Sirius at home. B is a HUGE howard stern fan. I do like how the channels are almost commercial free (they do have ads for themselves in there i.e. "You're listening to Sirius") and the stations are directed to taste.
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Also the Sirius has the NFL package where u get all the games, if you all like football, and XM has NBA I think and college football
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thats a good price for the radio and docking station. I have XM and I love it, I'm sure Sirrius is great too.
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I have sirius and love it. Sirius has howard stern, martha stewart, richard simmons, depak chopkra(sp?) nascar, talk left, talk right, tons of music stations, etc. go online to, you can order the radio and stuff. Get a radio with a home kit and a car kit. I think there are special deals to get a free month with a purchase. the monthly fee is 13 bucks, but you get free months if you pay for a year. You can get a lifetime subscription for 500.
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