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i was woken up this morning to my kids crying and my husband telling me that they got in to the nest box i came down to find my 17 day old kittens wet and covered in scoopable catlitter i gave them all baths to get the litter out of their fur HELP will they be ok what should i do
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Oh honey!!!!! Make sure they stay warm!!!! Little kittens lose heat so fast.

Are they eating? Oh God, you must be going out of your mind.
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mom has them dried out and they are nusringi puut them in a different closet and was wondering if i need to put in the heatlamp
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If they are with mom, eating ok, all nice and dry, I would wait. Mom should keep them warm. Just keep an eye on them for the next hour or two to make sure they stay close to mom and not get kicked out of the warming circle.

Are you OK? I think them should be OK? You poor girl.
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yeah i am fine just tired been baving problems with my back and this was the last thing i needed
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what hapenned to them?
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Oh honey, I am so sorry. Are they ok? Are YOU ok?
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every one seems to be fine they were all piled together when i checked them at 6:30pm
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I am glad they are alright. With nursing kittens, you need to offer non scoopable litter until the kittens are older. Once they start exploring the mother will soon show them how to use the box. Last thing you want in there is scoopable litter. They will probably sample a taste of it too and you don't want that stuff clumping and clogging their systems. Plus I have seen young kittens sit in the box with wet bottoms and the litter actually clumps to the bottoms and when that hardens, it is so hard and painful to get off, many end up with infections.

So get rid of the scoopable litter if you haven't already and buy some non clumping or for best and safest results, use Feline Pine or Yesterday's News.
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Oh there is just nothing in this world like a crispy, coated kitten, is there? *smile* I am glad everyone emerged unscathed from the experience!

Jen's advice is good. Clumping litter is a major no-no when kittens are in the house.
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