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Animal ESP

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Do you believe in it? The thread about cats seeing ghosts reminded me of a show I saw maybe half a year ago on Animal Planet. It was about supposedly psychic animals, and they showed a lot of examples, but two of them really got to me. One, they had a woman who's dog always seemed to know when she was coming home. They had one person go with the woman downtown, and they had a film crew stay at home and film the dog (with a hidden camera).

She left, and the dog settled down to go to sleep. They had theorized that maybe the dog heard her car, even from a long way away, and thats why he would get up and go to the door and wait for her, right before she came home - even if she came at an odd time of the day (so he wasnt just going by "well its five a clock, this is when mum comes home). So anyway, the dog is sleeping. cut to the woman downtown. she's then told by the producer "go home now". AT THAT EXACT MOMENT, the dog wakes up, shakes himself, gets up, and goes over to wait by the door for her to come home.

is that spooky, or what? I don't see any other answer for it, other than-as soon as she decided she was coming home, the dog "knew".

The other example was a parrot who had an extensive vocabulary. The put the parrot downstairs with a camera on him, and upstairs, they showed a woman various photos, and she concentrated on trying to send the images to the parrot - and it worked. things like, she was looking at a car with the windows rolled down, and the parrot said something like "ohh car. oh stick your head out the window" or something like that - and it happened multiple times, with different photos.

Now seriously, is that trippy, or what?

I've experienced something that makes me wonder sometimes (when I catch it). Wonton loves people-tuna, and he gets it as a rare treat. Usually when I feed him dinner, I say "come on booboo, are you hungry?", and he'll get up, but not in any real hurry, and he'll follow me sometimes, but he wont have a fit. but if he smells tuna he goes crazy-he loves it. so - I have noticed, that when I say "come on booboo, dinner", and my intention is to feed him some Fancy Feast, I get the mild reaction. But when I say the same exact thing, but I'm planning to give him a can of tuna, he hops down right away and practically trips me trying to follow me into the kitchen. It freaked me out big time the first time it happened - I was like, did what I think just happened, really happen? And I've tried it a few more times, and it's the same thing. It's as if he knows I'm going to go get him tuna- even tho his tuna isn't on any regular schedule. It might be today and then it might not be for three days or a week or two weeks. I think next I'm going to try not saying anything at all, just concentrating on the fact that I'm going to get him some tuna, and see what happens.

So.. my question is - your thoughts on the above, and have you ever experienced pet ESP?

PS - I am so happy I'm finally a supercat and can have my own avatar
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lol the older i get the more i know onethe for sure.
and that is i dont know enough yet

i do think there can be a connection between a animal and its human.
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I have had dogs that knew I was coming home...but I figured they just heard the sound of the car or something..

What about those dogs that sniff out cancer on a person? Have you guys heard of that? Its crazy!!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
What about those dogs that sniff out cancer on a person? Have you guys heard of that?
I've heard that before.

I hate it when people call animals dumb because when you hear things like this it couldn't be more further from the truth.
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Sometimes I'm lying in bed just thinking of Quill, and the next second he'll be in my room jumping on my bed settling in for a nap. I've also seen him run and wait by the door for one of us to come home, usually five minutes before. He'll sit at the door and meow until someone comes home, he does it alot.
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I don't know if I would personally call it ESP, but animals do have a sense of their owners.

I've heard of many theories that they can smell you before you reach the door, or they know the sound of your car.

I remember in college a roommate of mine had a cat that would start prancing around the door 5 minutes before she walked in the door. I always knew she was coming in.

Whitey is always in the back window (we come in the backdoor) sleeping until one of us gets home. I don't think thats the 6th sense kicking in, I think he just waits for us when we're gone.
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I don'r know if its esp or a really strong bond with one another. Some pets and their humans have a very strong bond and I think they can almost tell what one another is thinking. And animals can also pick up on your emotions such as being excited or whatever and they can also tell somethings about you by what you are doing as far as body posture.
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I have a story even more crazy than the one on tv. I was watching my sister's cats while they were across the country, and I was coming and going for two weeks. Well, one was basically just sleeping, being lazy cat, etc, until they called to let me know they were on the way to the airport.

After that, he meowed at the door, ran back and forth between the window and door, pawed at me, for three hours until I left to go pick them up. He didn't act like that for the previous two weeks ever.

Did he know his daddy was coming home? You'll never convince me otherwise.

Zissou knows when I'm coming home, too, and I am walking. She used to sit on top of the couch and wait for me at my old apartment, and I was walking through grass, at no regular time. And she never looked out that window much unless she was waiting for me to come home.
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I saw the show you mention. It was amazing. I Think there is definitely something between animals and their humans than can span great distances.
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