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Introduced new kitten..big problems

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Hello everyone!
I have three cats now. I had Angel first. She's very affectionate with me and tolerates everyone else. Then I got Smokey he's more independant and much more laid back. When I first got Smokey, Angel's whole demeaner changed. She was a little aggresive and obviously angry. Eventually she came around and became her old self again and still tries to let Smokey know, every now and then, who's boss. Smokey couldn't care less. (They're 3 yrs. old now) Well, now I took in a kitten that's a little wild (meaning she doesn't trust humans yet). Of course, as I expected, Angel is totally ticked off and Smokey doesn't really care as long as the kitten doesn't get right up to him. Angel is still loveable towards me, but then, all of a sudden, will bite me...and really hard. Now, as for the kitten....she was VERY scared of us at first. Then she started to come towards us, but if we reached out for her she'd run and hide anywhere that we couldn't even reach her. Eventually she started to let us pet her and is starting to adjust really well. Now here's the issue....at night or when we're gone, she poops all over the place. She's gone on my sofa ....she's gone on the floor and it's gotten on my drapes.....I just want to help her and get her to go only in the litter box. I tried researching it online and I heard that you can crate the kitten at night and when you're gone. (with a litter pan, bedding, and food and water) Is this a good idea? I'm afraid of scaring the poor kitten more, but I don't want to have to replace my property either. I'm so confused about what I should do about the kitten and my suddenly aggressive Angel girl.....ANY HELP IS APPRECIATED!
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I would think that the pooping all over the place perhaps is a sign of marking her territory. If she is at the bottom of the totem pole so to speak, they really feel out in left field some where, and will do anything to make a "mark" so to speak.

When I got Pete, he did the same thing. He was low man on the totel pole and he actually pooped on my bed. That was last time he saw my bed for a year.

This can get difficult because you have to juggle three personalities. Have you tried the Vanilla trick? Put a very little bit of pure vanilla extract under the chin and on the base of the tail on the back of each cat. Than makes them smell all alike and may break the cycle of aggression, territory problems, and give everyone including you, a rest.

PS: I'm sorry, where are my manners. Welcome to TheCatSite.
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Hi, I know what you are going through. If possible, keep the new kitten in a small room by herself, with food, water, litter box and a warm blanket and maybe some toys. This room needs to become her "safe zone". It's important that the has a safe zone , a place where she can feel safe and where she can hide from the other cats.

Your other two cats need a "safe zone" of their own too, a place that they can consider their territory. But make sure it's a room that they have already "claimed" as their own.

For example, my 8 mos old cat, loves the carpet in my main bathroom. He sleeps on it, and suckles on it, that sort of thing. So when I brought in my new kitten, I made sure to put him in our other bathroom, that way my 8 mos old baby would not feel his territory was being threatened.

Introduce them very very slowly. It's vital that you make certain your current cats feel loved and wanted so give them some extra TLC. (With a new kitty coming in they will probably feel quite insecure, their world is now changing). At the same time, it's also important that the new kitten feels loved and wanted too. They all need reassurance.

As the new kitten gets used to her new room, bring her out slowly letting her explore only one room of your place at a time, until she becomes comfortable enough to move on.

Keep her food and water close to a door where the other cats can smell it and therefore slowly allowing the cats to get used to each other's scent.

When you do let the kitten into a new room, make sure to keep the other cats away, so she can have the chance to get used to her new environment and to the scent of your other cats. While you are doing that, let your two other cats in her room so they can smell around. They may end up eating and drinking from her bowls and also use her litter. That is ok, it's their way of saying they are the topcats (just make sure to scoop out her litter after).

When the time comes that you feel the new kitten and your cats are ready to meet each other, be prepared, there might be a lot of hissing and growling. As long as they don't try to kill the baby, it will be ok, but if they do hiss, etc. keep the visits brief.

Also if you do the "vanilla" trick, a drop on their heads, under their chin and at the base of their tails that will make them all smell the same. I didn't have vanilla at the time, so instead I VERY lightly sprayed them with some of my perfume. Don't spray them directly, b/c of the alcohol in the perfume, you don't want to get them wet, but rather "mist" them from above just so that they get a little bit of the scent. That worked well for me.

Hope this helps
Extreme Kittly Lover
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Thank you very much for your support and advice. I will try the vanilla trick and see what happens. I will also try to put the kitten in one of the bathrooms as her safe place. Thanks again. Oh...so no crate huh?

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I tried the safe zone in the bathroom and it was a success! The kitten (I really need a name for her) did her business in the litter box and didn't cry for too long like I thought she would. Thanks again!
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