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Bad behavior

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Hi I'm new to this forum.

I love all the different discussions that have been going on but haven't seen one for what I am experiencing. Hope you can help.

I have an 8 year old black male. About 5 months ago I brought home Mimurr a small gold tabby male. At first I did all the right things like letting them smell each other, then staying in different rooms and all was fine. I was so happy the day they slept together. They use to play fight and my older cat, Mikko, would be so vocal about it. But they never got too physical that I had to break them up. Well all seemed great for about 2 months.

I live in NH and with all the snow, they stayed inside. Mikko is an outdoor/indoor cat and I just let him out 2 weeks ago for the first time this year. (Little one will be inside) Since then he has taken up hissing and growling at me and my husband. They no longer play like they use to. When the kitten isn't around all is well ,,, for a while. Then he suddenly get mean and funny. He even does this at night when I let him out. And the little one is down in the basement, where he sleeps.

Can anyone tell me what's up with Mikko. He has always been tempermental, but sweet. He's never acted like this before. I am wondering if he is trying to reclaim his throne. Last night I almost felt like putting him outside all night because of the way he treated me.


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Is your older cat neutered? If not, he may be feisty because he wants a female-what with it being spring?
There's also a chance that he is sick. Perhaps you ought to have your vet check him out.
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Thanks Kaaren

I have made a check up with the vet already as I did think of that. He is neutered. Has been since 7mths.

I am trying to be patient as I knew this would be a huge undertaking. Mikko is very spoiled and we have a great relationship. But I just can't get over his temper towards me and his vocals. He seems to want to get out now more than ever. I'm sure it's because of the kitty, but I would have thought after several months he would have gotten use to the idea.

I'll just keep giving him lots of love. (I even plan special our time together where I brush him and talk to him. He sleeps with me at night, but only for an hour or two and then it's get me outta here and now!) Hopefully, when Mimurr get neutered(this friday) things will change.

Thanks again.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Hi blackcat and welcome!

Please let us know what the vet says. I would also check for any health problems.

After Mimurr comes back home from his little operation, chances are Mikko will be even more hostile because of the clinic's scents. Try to keep them separated for a while and then reintroduce them gradually.

Try to run a search here :

See if you find any help in posts about "cat aggression" and "multi-cat".
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Well I took Mikko to the vet and everything is fine. But he still acts like he is so mad at everyone. He is fine when he first gets into bed with me. Purring and everything. Then 2 hours later when he wants to go out. He hisses while I follow him to the door. Then he growls. A few times I have decided not to put up with it and walk away to the couch in the other room. Ignoring him. He will walk over to me and give me a low funny meow. I tak to him nicely and all, then get up and walk him to the door... WHere he begins to hiss again and growl.... What is up with that.

Sometimes he can be so nice and cuddly.. But suddenly he changes... Can't understand it. Hopefully when Mimurr gets neutered this Friday he will soon get back to his ole self.

I'll keep you posted.

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Let us know if there's a change. If that is really the trigger it could take a few weeks before you'll see any improvment.

If that doesn't help, I think you may want to consider talking to a cat behaviorist.
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