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Getting things lined up just in case.....

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I have a neighbor that I do not get along with. He went out one night and his dog went absolutely beserk with screaming barking.....make a long story short, I called the police because I thought someone was trying to break in......he insists that I called the police on his dog. We didn't speak to each other for months.

Now the problem: It appears that a group of ferals has moved in under his trailer. Through an intermediary, I have made known that I have a trap and if I could trap the cats, he could deal with them.

Because he does not want to associate with me at all, I am more afraid that he will poison the cats and in doing so, poison some of my feral family. I will kill him if that happens. For all it is worth, my feral colony is registered the Humane Society (big deal). I know if there is a problem with the cats, the cops won't come, the Humane Society won't come and Animal Control won't come.

Aside from offering my services as a trapper, I don't see what else I can do, but I will NOT stand by and watch him harm those cats. What can I do? (Aside from buying a couple of Uzi's)
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You will trap the cats and incorporate them into your own colony. They will be given food and shelter and discouraged from hiding under his trailer. No charge to him. But if any harm comes to them you will contract an attorney and turn his life upside down in an effort to prosecute him for animal cruelty--maybe it'll work and maybe it won't but his life will be Hell for a few months. As opposed to the few quiet and peaceful days it will take to do your work--his call....
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Thank you. You have a quick mind. Love you.
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On my "day job" I deal with "feral humans"--comes with the territory....
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I used to have a neighbor who liked to shoot stray dogs. She had unfixed cats and got really pissed at me when I offered her my trap to TNR them (where would she get her barn mousers from - pay for them?). I simply tempted them over to my place with good eats, TNR'd them and returned them outside. I fed them better than she so some of them stayed.

You gotta tempt them away from his place somehow and just take care of it without his knowledge.
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If you can't entice the kitties away with food and trap them on your property, then I have to say I like ipw533's idea.

FYI: Arizona
Arizona Statute 13-2910 et. seq.

Animal cruelty is defined as: “Intentionally, knowingly or recklessly subjects any animal to cruel neglect or abandonment, failing to provide necessary medical attention to prevent protracted suffering, causes unnecessary physical injury, kills any animal without the legal privilege or consent of the owner, leaves an animal unattended and confined in a motor vehicle and injury or death is a likely result.†There are also special provisions for harming service animals, including allowing or having another animal harm or interfere with a service animal. Intentional, knowingly or recklessly subjecting an animal to cruel treatment is a Class A Misdemeanor, punishable by a fine up to $2,500 and/or imprisonment for 6 months. Intentionally subjecting an animal to cruel neglect, mistreatment, or killing or harming a service animal is a Class 6 Felony punishable by a fine of up to $150,000 and/or imprisonment of up to 1.5 years. Sentences can also include community service, no animal ownership for 3 years, and restitution.

Summary: Cruel treatment: Fine up to $2500, imprisonment for 6 months.
Intentional Cruel Neglect, Mistreatment: Fine up to $150,000, imprisonment up to 1.5 years.

I don't know how it works in AZ, but in NJ the SPCA is the animal police: they're the ones that arrest, prosecute, etc. Perhaps contact the SPCA about the situation. If you've offered to trap the cats and incorporate them into your registered feral colony, perhaps his not allowing you to trap them would at least be considered cruel treatment, if not intentional cruel neglect?

Given you've got a horrible relationship with this guy anyway, can't hurt to see what the sheriff, police, or SPCA (whoever's responsible) say before you try the tactic with Mr. I can't write the word I want to use here.


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