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My cat can't eat...please help.....

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Wedensday my cat was bit by a large Rottweiller, at first I thought it had broken his neck, but I was wrong. He was really unbalanced for a couple of day's, but now he get's around great. He's always wanting to be pet on and purr's all the time...He seems to be perfectly nomal, except he won't eat. He will put his head in the bowl, sniff the food and push it around with his nose and he even picks a piece up every now and then, but it just falls out of his mouth, and he'll lift his head lickin' his lips, like he just ate a big bite.Also, he won't drink water. I know he can drink, because he's been drinking milk like crazy.I just don't understand, it's like he doesn't remember how to eat. I have another cat and I let him watch it eat and he kept doing the same thing. I don't know what to do, he hasn't ate solid food or drank water in four day's and it breaks my heart, I'm scared to death he's going to die of starvation.I havn't been able to take him to the vet because the only vet in my area is only in town on tuesdays. Somebody please help me, I guess what I need to know is if my cat can live off of milk? any response would be appreciated....
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I dont know where you are but I would CALL A VET and get advise...
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Did you take the cat to the vet after it was bitten? I really think a vet needs to see your cat. If he hasn't eaten since Wednesday he could be going into liver failure and it sounds as though he may already be dehydrated. There is little that we can do to help you except to advise you to go to the vet as soon as possible.
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This is basically a medical emergency. Your cat needs to go to the vet's as soon as possible.

Let us know, please how he makes out.
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While you are waiting for the vet, see if you can get him to eat. Try dampening and heating the food to increase its aroma. You can also try getting some all-meat baby food (be sure it doesn't have any onions or garlic), and offering it to your kitty on a spoon or your finger. If that doesn't work, try syringing some of the food into his mouth a little at a time with a syringe. Definitely get him to the vet ASAP.
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Go to a vet ASAP! Please comelet us know what he says.
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Oh heck I agree with Cloud-Shade, while you are waiting for the vets, try to encourage the little sweetheart to have a nibble of something.
Also have you checked his mouth, the dog might have damaged something in that area and maybe thats why he cant eat . Have you tried touching gently around his mouth, if the cat flinches then you know for certain somethings wrong.

Oh hopefully you can get him off to the vets soon, as mentioned before this needs professional help. Heres sending lots positive {{{{{vibes }}}}} to your little boy
Do keep us posted !!
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How is our baby doing???
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Great news, right after I made my post, the little fella ravaged a piece of fried chicken...and then another. Yet he still won't eat anything else, no cat food (even chicken flavor), we've tried dry food (which is what he normally ate) and canned foods in different flavors, we even tried piece of ham, but he just wasn't interested...and he still only drinks milk, no water.I think it's all a little odd, but he's getting around great, and was even playing around pawing and nipping at me last night, and at least he's eating and drinking something, (my husband had to stop and buy some fried chicken on his way home tonight) I think he's gonna be ok...Thanks so much for the advice.
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See if he'll eat some plain boiled chicken--I'm not sure that the grease from the fried chicken is a good idea as too much fat can eventually cause pancreatitis.
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I want to send a hug and a kiss to the sweetie!
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