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Grrr stupid christmas lights

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I have two 5 ft tall circular trees I place outside by Neil's garage. Of course when I go to plug them in not all the lights work.
I wiggle and one part goes on the bottom of one and then the top of the other goes on. But still have the top of the 2nd tree and the bottom of the 1st tree to fix!! I bought a bulb tester at Target today (and $188 of other stuff!!) and
its supposed to indicate the non working bulb-but its telling me their are alot of non working bulbs (grrrr) Then its supposed to rain/snow for the next 4 days so I'll have to drag inside to hopefully fix. I'd like to toss out and buy new ones!!
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Ain't Christmas grand?
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I sure can relate. I was also outside getting a start on putting up my xmas lights. Isn't it amazing how lights that when taken down last year worked fine. But after being carefully stored this year half don't light! One of my reindeer the top lights and not the bottom half.I gave up and tossed it and bought another one! Then the tangled lights GRRRR
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Tangled lights are the worst!! I put up my Christmas tree Saturday and I know that when I put the lights away last year all the bulbs were there and all that stuff. I pulled them out and there were like 5 bulbs completely missing! Thank goodness for spare bubls and that this only comes around once a year!
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Uh I hate the lights that take a whole section out with them if just one bulb isn't working. Takes forever to determine where the problem is.
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My Dh bought all new ones this year just so he didn't get aggravated!!!
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If you are not able to get the light situation fixed, sometimes it's easier to save yourself a little stress if they're mostly out or beyond fixing and just buy a few new strands. I went to the Target in memphis last night and they had their strands of lights (300 lights a strand) for $5.00 or $5.99- which was a really awesome deal- the same went for their icicle lights. Also, I got my tree topper on sale as well./ Sometimes those lights are just not worth the stress! Two years ago, against my better judgement, i let someome else help me put up the christmas decorations- and wouldn't you know it, they tangled up my lights soooo horrible! So last year when I got them out and finally untangled, i swore i'd never let another person touch them again lol. Last year I put them up very neatly, so hopefully when I open them up tonight (i think i'm going to start decorating a bit tonight) they will be nice and neat. Good luck Gail! (((light vibes)))
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I get the netted lights, all the lights are evenly spaced....and then you just open them and "hug" the tree, and the push the net into the tree....viola! done.

PS....Gail, remember my racoon problem? Well, I got the good cans w/locking lids....I got bungee cords for the handles....and I still have 2 problems....

1. any recipe for getting a DH to actually put the bag INTO the can????

2. what about racoons that EAT plastic garbage can lids??? I swear I'm gonna take pics to prove it....there is teeth marks on my rubbermaid trash can lids!!! funny now, not so funny picking up trash off the yard, again.
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