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Little tuxie girl

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I found out today that a little semi-feral tuxedo female that I recently helped get fixed was hit by a car in the neighborhood where I've doing TNR. Even though she was very wary of most humans, she trusted the people who fed her and they were very fond of her. Her life was too short and came to an sad end by a callous neighbor who was driving too fast and didn't even stop, although a witness said she had to have known she hit a cat. The important thing now, though, is that the little tuxie girl is now in a better place, playing happily, free from pain and knowing nothing but love.

RIP precious little girl. You were loved and will be greatly missed.
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Poor little girl.

Even though she may not have been a house cat, she was loved and touched the lives of those she chose to trust. There is no greater gift than the trust of a feral.

Rest peacefully little one. I'm sure you're watching those who cared for you from the Bridge, and now truly understand the love that they gave you.
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Couldn't have said it better, Heidi.
RIP sweet little tuxie girl
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That's so sad, poor little baby RIP
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oh, I'm sorry to hear this Eileen! Poor little girl, RIP sweet little tuxie girl
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Poor little baby. It just seems so unfair. Heartbroken headbuts and tearful, sad licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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How very sad, but shes in a peaceful place now. Rest in Peace baby girl
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I am so sorry. You did all you could-it's impossible to take them all in as we all know, but you did all you could by feeding, spaying and taking care of her, I am sure she knew how much you loved her by your actions. Your right, she is in a better place. <3
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RIP sweet little tuxie girl

I am so sorry Eileen
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Bless her little cotton socks

Have a wonderful time over at Rainbow Bridge you sweet tuxie girl

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Precious will not be forgotten.
RIP darling.
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Condolences to all who miss the precious little tuxie! I hope that the person who hit her will realize what they have done, and drive much more carefully from now on
Speeding in a neighborhood is such bad behavior As some young teenage boys had posted on a sign that they waved to traffic,above the sad remains of a black kitten in their street, "This could have been a child!"
Godspeed over Rainbow Bridge, little girl, and know that you were valued and loved back here on earth.
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Oh, I'm so sorry.

Rest in peace little tuxie girl - enjoy your time at rainbow bridge.
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RIP little girl.
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I'm so sorry for your loss, Eileen! Rest in peace, little kitty!
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