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Cancer sucks(please read, and spare some prayers)

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Hey guys. A few weeks ago we found out my uncle(great uncle, but just as well an uncle) had pancreas(sp?) cancer. Well so he started chemo for a couple weeks, until just this weekend he has gotten ALOT sicker and taken a turn for the worse. In fact they found out the cancer has spead like wild fire thru his entire body!! And hes really not expected to live much longer than a few days. They are sending him home on Hospice and controlling his pain for him. So I am asking you all to take a minute please, and spare a prayer my Uncle Leroy. I would appreciate it.

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Monica I am so sorry about your Uncle...Lung cancer took my wonderful Uncle. I will remember your Uncle Leroy in my prayers
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Most certainly.
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Sorry headbuts and wish we could help licks from KittenKiya's Clan. Cancer took my mother, my father and my grandmother.
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I work with the terrible face of cancer every day and I feel for you. Cancer also took my uncle and grandmother. My Aunt and Cousin are both long time cancer survivors. I sen my love and prayers to you and your family
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Oh no, this is just awful news.. You are right that cancer sucks, I lost my grandma to it.

I am sending many prayers to your uncle Leroy, and here's hoping he is not in pain. What a horrible thing to happen to someone.

I am sorry
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to you, and prayers for your Uncle Leroy and his family.
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I am so sorry to hear this latest turn of events. You & your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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{{{{Vibes}}}} to uncle Leroy! And especially to you Monica, and your family!
I hope his battle will be as painfree as possible.
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I survived a bout with cancer in my early 20's, so there's always hope. I hope your great uncle will remain strong and fight it off. My thoughts and vibes are with you and yours.
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I would love to pray for your Uncle Leroy! I send hugs to you. I know this is hard/
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Oh I am so sorry lots of vibes coming your uncles way and to the whole family, it's not easy I lost My first hubby my Mother and my Dad to cancer
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Monica, you know my feelings on Cancer.Just know that if God chooses to take him home, he will be in no more pain and he will have your Dad there to rejoice with.
Hon, I'm ONLY a pm away!!! HUGS sweetie!!!
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It is really tough. We lost my uncle Bill just 2 weeks ago under similar circumstances. He had been battling cancer for over a year but went downhill very quickly in October. He received some wonderful hospice service.

I hope your Uncle Leroy doesn't suffer in his last days and my prayers go to you and your family.
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Many prayers for your Uncle Leroy.
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Sending many prayers to your Uncle and family. We are dealing with the same thing with my Great Uncle as well - he was just diagnosed with Brain Cancer - Many hugs to you
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I'm sorry to hear about your uncle. I'm sending prayer and vibes his way.
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I am so sorry for your family. It is a very tough thing to deal with.
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saying prayers for your uncle Leroy....
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Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Thank you all SO very much for your kind, caring words. It is very much appreciated!!! I didnt know so many of you have had personal experiences with cancer.

I am hoping he fights it off but just the way its progressing, it doesnt look good. Hes just too sick to keep fighting.

But if ya all would, continue to keep thinking of him and his family.
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I have lost all grandparents and cousins so cancer.

Your family will be in my thoughts
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Well I just spoke to my mom and hes WORSE and wanting to go home. He really wants to *die* there-thats his wishes.
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Monica, if he wants to go home, then is is best that he does.
I wish Mom would have called in Hospice.But, she didn't! She cared for my Dad by herself, up til his last breath.
May God and his Angels ease his way home and give the relatives peace in knowing he is apin free and will be rejoicing in Heaven.
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Monica, your uncle, you and the rest of your family are in my deepest thoughts and prayers. (((vibes)))
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I am so very sorry. I will keep him, you, and your family, in my thoughts and prayers.
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A little update today. He is still in the hospital and all of his bro's and sisters have made it in to see him. He kept asking for one certain brother, and now hes here. We are thinking maybe he wanted to see him and thats what he was waiting on. But once again, I appreciate all of your prayers and concern, it means so much.
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I just wanted to let you know that i am continuing to pray for you and your family right now
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