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Feline Agility?!

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I had never heard of such a thing until I just looked up the cat show that is going to be in Phoenix in December. Do any of you participate in this or have you ever seen it?
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Saw it at a cat show in Cincinnati..don't know much about it...they just put a cat in this pen type thing and try to get him to run an agility course, anyone could enter their cat!
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I've entered several of my cats in the agility courses. It's lots of fun, but your cat needs to be into that sort of thing, very calm and relaxed around lots of people and very focused on getting the toy they're chasing and not easily distracted.
It's definitely not an event for shy cats.
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I can't imagine a cat doing that...Trout can't even concentrate for one second on anything..
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I just have this mental image of Radar getting distracted and running off terrorising people I would love to show him in HHP class if he calms down a bit when he's older though, he's such a friendly and bold creature
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Oh my cats would not do well in this at all. I watched a video clip and I must say that after having watched dog agility, kitty agility doesn't look that interesting - at least not what I saw. They have to get the cats to follow toys. It is probably more fun to watch in person though and I'd be impressed if the owner could keep the cat's attention long enough to get through a whole course, even with a toy!
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Do you have a link for the video clip? I am intriged
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
Do you have a link for the video clip? I am intriged
Oh, let me see if I can find it again......

Ok here it is http://www.icat.ch/catagility.htm Scroll down to the bottom. The voiceover is in French. Bengal people may be interested in this clip, I think it's Bengals that are shown.
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Thanks for that, it was superb even though my French isn't quite good enough to catch all the voiceover! I now think Radar would be really good at that but I'd have to be able to run fast so that he couldn't catch the toy
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