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Abi's first anniversay

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today is a year since I got Abi from the humane shelter and she has brightened my life in every way possible. for her anniversary I got her a carpetted pedastal and cave to put on a cabinet that lets her lounge in front of yet another window.

I also took a long piece of chiffon, added fringe to the end she likes to go for rides on it. she attacks the fringe, roles herself in it once and looks at me as if to say: "Mush !" so I pull it along the carpet while she lolls in the fabric. She also likes to hide under it with the funny belief that it makes her invisable. then she tries to attack me (never using claws) when i walk past the bundle of fabric.
here she is waiting for me:
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I'll move Abi to fur pictures

Rosie's like that if a take the bedding off to wash, but she really gets her claws into it so the game doesn't last long
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Happy Gotcha Day Abi!

Looks like a pretty fun game you have with Meowmy. And what a pretty girl you are in your chiffon!
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Originally Posted by valanhb View Post
Happy Gotcha Day Abi!
whata great thing to call it. Gotcha Day !!!! I will borrow it.
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What a cutie!! Happy homecoming day, Abi!

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Awww YAY Happy Gotcha Day!!!!
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She's adorable!
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Happy anniversary! It sounds like she has brought a lot of fun and joy into your life.
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Happy Aniversary Abby!
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Happy anniversary Abi! You're such a pretty girl
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Congratulations! Happy Gotcha Day Abi!!! You are obviously a very special girl, and your Meowmy loves you so much!
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