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OTC TapeWorm Meds

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I'm sure this is a stupid question, but I'm going to ask it anyway!

When Kidd went to the Vet to be checked out and neutered the Vet said he didn't have any fleas...I found that kind of odd at the time since he'd been a stray for all of his 18 months of life.

Anyhow Wednesday night I was combing him and low and behold I found 2 fleas...BTW this cat has the thickest fur I've ever seen and I've had cats all my life...it's no wonder the Vet missed the fleas!

I got out the Frontline and have checked daily, haven't found any more fleas.
BUT this morning I found those lovely pieces of moving rice known as a tape worm in his poop and on the fur under his tail.

I've see Tapeworm medication sold over the counter in Pet Stores and online at the drsmith..something or other website.
Do you guys think that stuff works just as well or should I just haul his little butt to the Vet and get him a shot?
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You should be able to either call your vet and tell them you found tapeworm segments, or take in a stool sample, and have him dispense medications. I don't trust OTC medications. The pill you'd get from the vet would be just as effective as the injection. Injections are typically given for those who don't take pills well. Where I work, the pill would be between $5 and $10, the injection between $15 and $20, depending on the weight of the cat.
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I agree... otc meds of any kind for our pets are not regulated anywhere near as well as human ones, and some of them are downright deadly.

As a rule with almost no exceptions, OTC pet meds are less effective and more dangerous than prescription ones. They are also usually pretty archaic as far a medicine goes, and you'll probably end up having to get the prescription kind anyway.
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That's what I thought.
Acutally I should know better, I've never given my cats any OTC medication.

Looks like Mr. Kidd will be making a trip to the Vet.
I just feel better with the injection than the pills.
That way I'm SURE they get all of the medication...I've had cats all my life, but I'm not a very good pill giver.
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I didn't know better when I first adopted Zissou and used flea shampoo on her. Couple days later the vet told me all the things he's seen happen as a result of the very same product and I started crying. And immediately gave her another bath in plain old soap to get it off.

At least you asked first right? I had to learn the hard way. Luckily, not so hard.
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May I give advise to those reading this ....

OTC wormers can be trouble ie kill if used wrong .... My old vet put it well ... you can use OTC wormers and then Pay me

Tapeworms need to be diagnoised prior to treatment as the active ingrediant WILL HARM a cat that doesnt have tapeworms....
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I don't know of any OTC dewormers that will treat tapeworms. I suggest you take in one of the segments you found on your cat. Tapeworms can be hard to diagnose as they don't shed eggs directly into the feces like roundworms. Usually you just find the segments around the cats anus or in the cats bed. Because your cat has had an exam recently your vet will probably sell you the dewormer based on the sample you bring in.
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For some reason I think the brand name was Trade Winds or something like that.
And it did say that it was to treat tapeworms.
If gave the active ingredient and I did look it up and it is what's used to treat tapeworms...but no worries I figured it was probably a stupid idea to buy it so I didn't.
Called the Vet today and told him what I found and he said that yes it was a tapeworm...unfortunaly I've seen tapeworm before...Annabelle another stray we adopted 4 years ago had one.
So I'm taking Kidd in tomorrow to get an injection to get rid of the little critter...he feel better doing that than giving him a pill.
If he gets a shot I'm sure he gets all of it...with pills I"m never sure that they take the whole pill.
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