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My two previously amicable cats, Ted 10, sweet and friendly and Simon 4, very timid, had their life disrupted two weeks ago by a passing stray outside our window. Simon brushed up against the puffed up Ted and a fight ensued. I have been trying, some days with better success, to get them back together. I have the Feliway aromatizers, I do the room switch, we eat together, play under doors, I even purchased "Composure" homeopathic and give to the younger cat. Simon makes attempts and will lick and brush against a docile Ted, but then something will spook him, it could be a distant noise, he puffs or runs and Ted follows and the whole thing starts again. Any new ideas? Or should I just be patient and keep doing what I am doing. I am so stressed out about this, probably I am transferring this to them?? Thanks