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Humble---Advice, please?

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Humble has recently (November 10) had a cystotomy and did well with
the surgery. The vet says he is fine but has to be on a special
diet for the rest of his life (Eukanuba Multi-Renal Stage food) or
Hill's K/D. He also has to have 1/4 of a 10 mg benazepril every day.

My problem at first was that he would eat nothing. I took him back
to the vet, who said he was doing good, told me again to mix the new
food with his old food, etc. He gave fluids to Humble and kept him
overnight. Again, Humble just would not eat. I took him back for
more fluids.

(SO he has had 4 rounds of fluids since the surgery.)

I tried finger feeding, using Beech-nut Stage 1
Baby food (turkey). I also finger fed some of the food Humble has
to have.

That is what I am currently doing. I am also making sure he drinks
enough water by using an eye dropper every few hours.

I teach school and am gone much of the day.

What suggestions can anyone offer to me to get him used to the new
food so that he will eat it on his own, or am I going to have to
finger feed him from now on, for a few weeks, etc.?

Also, what about pedialyte or gatorade? Will that help?

Thanks to anyone who might offer ideas.


I also have another cat named Shenandoah who will eat anything wet.
I separate them when I feed Humble.
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When my babies had to be force-fed, I used the baby meats, like you are only I used beef because their noses were kind of blocked off and you know how important smell is to a kitty, and you can smell beef. That's another thing, is his nose clogged?

I mixed the beef with water and made slurry, sucked it up into a large syringe and put it in their mouths and squirted gently. I told them they were good kitties and I used maybe 3 or 4 before I went to work, and then if needed 4 or 5 at supper and then 3 or so more if wanted at night before I went to bed.

Perhaps if you call your vet he can provide an appetite stimulant. It seems like your baby needs just a little push in the right direction to start eating again.

Let us know how he makes out, our babies are precious here.
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hey, that is a great idea! i am finger feeding with now.
I already asked the vet about an appetite stimulant, and he said he didn't want to do that unless absolutely necessart. He siad the less medicine, the better.

I'll try again with the beef baby food. Humble didn't like it. Go figure, he likes turkey but not chicken.
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Can you mix some tuna juice in??
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