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Happy, happy Sunday

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I've got to tell and it's hard for me.....you've got me crying like I thought I would never be.....Love is believing, but you let me down....how can I love you when you ain't around???

A beautiful sunny day again here in Tucson, Arizona. 44 degress, no wind, no clouds.

Happy birdies, one hyper cat (guess who???) three quiet peaceful babies all with bellies full and ferals waddling off the porch again after breakfast. (I'm going to have to put those guys on a diet.......NOT)

Going to have a quiet peaceful day, need to water later on, house is cleaned up, no laundry to do, French Vanilla coffee in my hot little hands. God, I love it.

Have a safe one.
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I think there is more than vanilla in that coffee!
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I agree! Just kidding! Nice to see you in a great mood again today! You're such a ray of sunshine!
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After being sick and leaving work early yesterday, it was a relief to wake up, feeling better. I met my friend Earl for breakfast and had a good chat with him. He's a real estate agent and is helping steer me through buying a house.

I now have the doors and windows open (Nyah-nyah, to all of you people who live in COLD places )
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Its laundry day for me today!! And cleaning too, I slacked all week so this is what I get

It is beautiful here today too, nice and sunny and warm..
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