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Going to summer house

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Well not yet but in the summer i will go to our summer house. Me and my cat live in a flat from October to June. He has never gone out of the house and currently he is a 5 month old persian. I am worring about the summer. Should we keep him indoor or is it okay for him to walk around when we are not around? Because out house is open, he can easily escape if he wants and there are many people around, many cars and many dogs. We have a garden, its ofcourse danger free for a cat but will he want to explore streets and neighbours?
I am so scared of coming home and not finding him.

Thanks for your help,
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Yes of course he will wander away, if not immediately, certainly in time when he feels more used to being outside. Is there no place, like one room (not a little bathroom though!) at all where the door can be closed, and either locked or a sign put up to please not enter? And he could have his food, box, etc. in there? It seems cruel in a way, but so does getting run over by a car, or stolen, or lost, or attacked by a dog, etc. etc.
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Thanks. Then I should keep him in the house. He walk in the house, it is not a problem we can close the doors, i hope someone doesnt forget the door opened while going out.

BTW, I want to ask another thing, do you guys ever take your cat for a walk with a collar? Can I take? Is 5 month old too young for this?
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Yes - and no. Yes you can and should take him, but must find a 'harness' (not just a collar, which can quickly strangle a strugglng cat) with a short piece attached to the 'collar' that attaches to another collar that goes down behind his front legs, and the leash then attaches to a ring at the top of the back piece, not the neck part. Put it on him for just a few minutes inside to start with, then for longer times each day til he forgets it and doesn't struggle, then attach the lead and take him out where it's quiet, with few people around at that hour. Let him lead you where he wants to go (or just sniff the area) and gradually take him or let him take you around. Five months is a good time for him to get used to it, though you'll need larger ones in future. Both 'collars' should be tight enough to just get a finger inside without difficulty, but remember too loose is asking for trouble! You can always leave the 'tummy' part done up, and just undo the neck part to get him in and out of it.
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Thanks again. I have one more question. When I pet the area where his tail starts, end of the back, he raises his head up and he sniffs, move his head to right and left and open & close his mouth a bit like he s blowing kisses lol

What is he doing exactly and why? Is this common among cats?
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I think this behaviour is unique to my cat as no one answered.
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Has he been neutered?

Re your question on harnesses and leashes - Bijou and Mika both are trained to harness and leash and we often take them out with us. They both got used to car rides and are very comfortable now when we take them with us. They always wear their harness in the car and we snap the leash on before opening any of the car doors so they are safer.
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All cats act 'alert' (and raise their backs up) when you touch that area, it's normal. It's very important to get your cat neutered, otherwise he will start to spray smelly stuff around the place, and go crazy trying to sneak out to find a female... if he's at least 5 months old you should get it done as soon as possible.
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Well, I though of giving him a chance of breeding before neutering. Is this bad? Should I neuter him as soon as possible?
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What is the point of breeding him even once? The mother's owner (or some poor street cat with no home) will end up with a litter and nowhere for them to grow up safely, and your cat will be crazy to go out again and do it all over. Don't mix cats up with human feelings :-)! To him it's just 5 minutes of scratching an itch, to the mother and kittens, a lifetime of struggle.
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I actually wanted to breed because in Turkey there are no breeders and usually cats come from other countries in bags or other illegal ways in very bad conditions. And sometimes i see posts of female cat owners in Turkish cat forums who are in search of a male so i thought it might be good because more amateur cat breeders the less cats will enter to country illegally. But if he is going to want more, I better not breed.
Thanks for all the replies again.
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Well, there's more to good breeding than just getting them together - you need to know a lot about a lot of different aspects of the cats and certainly you won't make any money on it - plus there are 'fancy' and formal ways the cats need to be brought together, and paperwork, etc. But I admire your good intentions!
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