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What color is my stormie

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Ok well here is stormie and you can see that she has the grey but I went to a color site and I seen nothing about grey but she has some white the whites mixed in all over her belly and she has a patch of like an orang color but its not really dark, and also she is a manx mix her dad was red I do believe and the mother I think was a black long hair but it could be the other way around for the colors lol, But also stormie i noticed has some long hair growing out of her paws like were the pads and such are I think you guys no what I am talking about well I hope because I dont know what its called but on her paws there is some really long hair, any one kno of the breeds that could be associated with this the mother was a long haired and I am trying to figure out what the mom is cause the girl we got stormie off of didnt kno it was her moms cats she just didnt kno breeds or something like that exept that it was a manx and I tried emailing her but I didnt really get anything about stormie ! But here are some pics' They are old at least and o es she does have some green to her eyes well the part around the black is a really pretty green and the next layer of color is i guess a yellow goldish maybe IDK and it seems like her eyes change colors lol I think I am just nuts lol

I am notiing that that extra color is on both sides maybe, or maybe I am just seeing things but please if anyone can help me I am real curious to know now lol
Also any help with the hair in her paws or by the paw pads would be greatly appreciated too so thanks everyone if anyone can help !!
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I dunno she is the same exact color as my new boy Nazumi. He even has the red patches. I just called him an Grey Tabby. Een though he only has the tabby markings on hislegs, tail and face.
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She's a blue cream. Just not a lot of the cream. Pretty little girl

BTW if her dad IS red and mom is black she has to be either a tortie or the dilute version (blue cream)
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A dilute tortie with some kind of tabby pattern.
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