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Cruise Suggestions?

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I'm trying to plan a cruise for my spring break but have NO idea where to start! I live in Texas so I'm looking to leave from this area. Can anyone who's gone on a cruise tell me a little about where you went, which cruise ship you took, and if you enjoyed it? Any information would be helpful!
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When I went on my senior cruise a few years back, we went on the Carnival Cruise Line's ship "Holiday" - it was awesome, and the service was excellent. I'd definitely recommend that line again./ We went to Playa del Carmen, and 3 or 4 other spots in Mexico. Since I live in Memphis, the closet place to here to leave out of was New Orleans at the time, so that is the location we boarded on. I had an excellent time and would definitely recommend them again. Good luck finding the right cruise for you . (Oh also, when you get there, be prepared to wait a good while in customs if you go out of the country- we had to wait 3 hours because there were so many people. But other than that, it was wonderful).
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Oh, and it's better to use a credit card if you can than travlers checks-it's less hassle. Also, if you like perfume/cologne- buy it on the ship- it is dirt cheap, tax free- and all of the major brands- chenel, este lauder. (Also, when you first get on the ship you have a few hours to settle in, and then they do the mustard drill for the entire ship...so that takes a while- after that though, you're free to enjoy your trip.) The dinners are wonderful- they're 5 course meals- and the captains dinner at the end of the voyage is incredable! Bring something a little dressy to wear to that
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Cruises are wonderful. Royal Caribbean has some that sail from Houston and stop at Key West, Cozumel and the Roatan Bay Islands. They're not too expensive.

Don't book directly with the cruise line - use a broker (you'll save money). I've always had good luck with Cruises, Inc.
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Great suggestions so far, thanks guys!
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