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Baytril and wobbling

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Hi all! I have a question....here's what happened...my female cat (2 yrs old) got an infection in her paw so my vet put her on Baytril for 10 days. The only other med she is on is Amitryptiline transdermally which she has been on since August of this year and I am weaning her off of that according to my vet's directions. Anyways, I gave Spook her last antibiotic pill on Thursday night and she has started acting weird over the past few days and it has gotten progressively worse. At first, I thought she was just being quiet and staring at me because she was mad that I was having to give her pills. Well yesterday she seemed disoriented and a little staggering. Today, she is really staggering and even fell when she tried to jump out of her hiding spot. She almost acts as if she is drunk or coming out of anesthetic. I called my vet tonight and she said to bring her in tomorrow for an emergency visit. She is sorta stumped but suggested maybe something called vestibular....can't remember the rest. Just wondered if any of this happened to sound familiar to anyone.
I have spook on my lap under a blanket (she loves to hide under blankets). I am going to try and stay up as long as I can to keep an eye on her. I am so worried about my baby.
She is still eating, drinking water and using the litterbox.

Thanks in advance,
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I can't offer any help.Just wanted to say I hope everything will be ok and sending vibes your way
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I honestly can't see the Baytril causing this but I wonder if she has been taken off the Amitryptiline too quickly???

Wish we could fix this headbuts and sooooothing, healing licks from KittenKiya's Clan.

Let us know what the vet says, OK?
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Thank you for the good vibes and loving headbutts! I will let you know what I find out! Thanks for the support!
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Well, took Spook up to the vets. Found out she has Feline Vestibular syndrome. She had all the common symtoms...staggering, nystagmus, head tilt. It will go away in about 2 weeks and she doesn't need medicine unless she starts throwing up. So, I have to keep her confined when I am away from home because she has no balance and will fall off of things. I feel so sad for my baby but she does not indicate being in any pain or being uncomfortable. At night I put her on the bed with me and she sleeps under the covers.
So, for everyone out there, just be aware of this syndrome if you weren't already. It comes on very sudden and it's scary for the owner not knowing what's going on.
Thanks for the support!!
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Thank you so very much for letting us know about this. I for one, have never heard of it before. Thank you again. Hugs for you and healing headbuts and get better quick licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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