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Ok- here's what I decided on:

"Walk on the Ocean" - Toad and the Wet Sprockets- i ordered this one and plan to get a few other ones- these are the ones i'm thinking about

Twisted transistor-korn
Every Rose has it’s thorn- poison
Stellar- incubus
no more tears -ozzy osbourne
Bossy- Kelis
Kerosene- Miranda Lambert
Leave the pieces- the wreckers
Laredo- chris kagel
Strawberry wine –deana carter
Walkin after midnight- patsy cline
What the cowgirls do- vince gill
Mack the knife- bobby darin
And I love her- the beetles
Slide- goo goo dolls
Iris (verse) –goo goo dolls
Lullaby – shawn mullins
Champagne supernova- oasis
wonderwall - oasis
heart shaped box- nirvana
love in an elevator- aerosmith
cryin' - aerosmith
remedy- seether
and ANYTHING by sheryl crow.....what do ya'll think?
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I know that you can download various cat meows on one of them. Don't know which one but that would sure be pretty cool and lots of fun.
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Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik (a little night music), that's my cell phone ringer right now.
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general tone = Diamonds are a girls best friend

husband = In my life by the beatles

best girlfriend= girla just wanna have fun

temple= hava nagila

clients: you can't hurry love

okay I am obsessive LOL
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Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
So far i'm thinking about

"better than me" - hinder
"lips of an angel"- hinder
anything by green day,aerosmith, incubus, or anything like that
tina dico's stuff, i could go on and on! I have no clue which one i want!
I also have those and "Come a little closer baby" by Dirks Bentley
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Mine is always on vibrate lately so even though I've had my ringtone for a few months I haven't bothered to buy a new one, I have Ciara's "Get Up". I also have Mdonna's "Hung Up" in storage and for Christmas I have "Carol of the Meows" I looked on my bill for last month and I only used my phone for 124 peak minutes it's more for emergencies, I guess
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What are some good sites to buy them? I want a new one now... thanks Nikki
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My sister is BYOB (everybody goin to the party havea real good time)
my dad is stars and stripe forever
Lee is dream sequence
annoying people that call are an obnoxious beep. And I am ready to change the general ring to a christmas ringer! Silver bells probably!
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My ringtone right now is Unwritten by Natasha Beddingfield.....it was the theme song from The Hills on MTV....I know, I know, silly HS drama show....but I still loved it, my girl Lauren! The song is so self uplifting....

However I am in love with that new pussycat dolls song....not the Buttons one....the new one, I can't think of the name now, but when I hear it in my car....watch out! I am bee-bopping away in there!!!

Originally Posted by rosiemac View Post
The Exorcist!!
Is that in honor of their "evil kitty" pics?

Originally Posted by Sibohan2005 View Post
Mine playes Walk like and Egyptian by the bangles.... Old yes but no one else has it.
LOVE THAT SONG!!! LOVE THE BANGLES!!! Have that cd and still play it....and my 9yr old knows the words!

Originally Posted by StarryEyedTiGeR View Post
Strawberry wine –deana carter
I have that CD. It's really good. One of the 3 country cd's I own.... And I always get all nostolgic for HS when I listen to it....and that whole "puppy love" thing..... I love "We Danced Anyway" too.... it's a great cd!
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I picked my ringtones based on which ones were loud enough that I stand a chance of actually hearing them. My general one is Cannon in D, DH's is "Take Me Out to the Ballgame", my parents are "We Are Family", and the president of the association I work for is "Hail to the Chief".
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I just downloaded my very first one yesterday and it is Sexyback, by Justin Timberlake!!
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