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That's one relaxed kitty! (Ginger pics)

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I saw Ginger Cookie snoozing on the couch today and just had to take pics. She just looked so relaxed and cute! I wish I could relax like this!

A close up on her little face.

Isn't she pretty with the black couch framing her like this? You can also see her heart shaped nose in this one.

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Awwwww... Ginger is so adorable. She sure looks comfy; I'd love to curl up with her.
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She looks good in black. She's a real beauty and she looks so relaxed! I love watching my kitties sleep.
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Gorgeous, sweet and very precious.....
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Awww....she's simply adorable
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Heidi, I swear that girl gets more beautiful each time I see her.
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Ginger is a sweety, she looks like an Angel sleeping there!!!
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Awwwwwww look at that cupcake What a beauty she is, she certainly looks right at home
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Ginger is so beautiful, Heidi and those are great pics of her! I'd love to snuggle to with that little sweetheart.
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What a sweetheart!
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Those pics really show off her gorgeous colors.
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Ginger is such a beautiful girl!! The best thing you learn from your cat is how to relax
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Thats one gorgeous sleeping baby there
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Thank you for the very nice comments on Ginger. She really is just as sweet as she looks. Well, sometimes. Sometimes she's just a little stinker!
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what a sweetheart
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She sure is a beauty. Be nice to be able to sleep that soundly....
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There's something about a sleeping kitten/cat. I always have to go bother them, which usually wakes them up.
At least they purr when that happens. Did you go pester her after the photos? Be
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Awww, Ginger is a very pretty girl! Love her colors.
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Ginger is suck a cutie! And she looks so relaxed in her new home!
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Awwww, what a sweet baby! Wonderful pics too!
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Awww Heidi, she is just georgous I love how relaxed she looks. No one can argue with the fact that you have given her a happy home
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It really hard to believe that she's only been with us for 2 months (and 3 days, but who's counting?) She's so much a part of the household and my heart already. I just wish Ophelia would see what a sweetie she is...
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