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Keeps running away

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The last time I was on here we were fighting the dreaded ringworm. We finally got over it but not without everyone in the family getting it including our guinea pigs.

We now have four cats. Two kittens we kept from our fostering. One of them I actually supplemented with bottle feeding as she was an abandoned kitten and brought in to be with the foster cat I had and her kittens.

The problem is now she runs away every time I enter the room and I dont have a clue why. I thought we would be very close as I bottle fed her and was like a mother to her. The few times she comes to see me is when I am sitting and then she comes up on the back of the couch and rubs and purrs around my head but wont sit on my lap or allow much petting. She is quite friendly with other members of the family and it is upsetting to me. I dont know what I have done. The other cats come around me all the time.

Any help would be appreciated. She is around 4 & 1/2 mons old.
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You just must be patient with her. She doesn't know that she is expected to be a lap kitty, and sometimes, even though you really want them to be lap kitties, some cats just don't want to be bothered. Each cat has a distinct personality. I have 12 cats and 10 of them were bottle fed by me. Out of those 10 I have 2 that scoot out of the room anytime I appear, one that hides under my desk if he wants to, and only 2 that are really what I would consider lap kitties, except at night when they all crowd on the bed with us.

Just move slowly around this kitten and let her come to you. Do some interactive playtime with her, using a peacock feather or a toy on the end of a fishing pole if she will allow it. Once you relax around her and just become more mellow she should warm up to you. You may not even be aware of it, but perhaps something you did not to long ago scared her and she is now wary of you. Just give her time. I am glad your ringworm battle is over as well. Been there done that!
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Here's a thought, too. You said you were dealing with ringworm, and I assume that this kitten also had to be treated with some sort of medication. I also assume that you are the one who gave her the meds. It could be that she didn't like getting the meds, and associates you coming into the room with having to get medicated. When she approaches you, she's probably already checked you out and knows you don't have anything to give her. That could also be why she's affectionate with the rest of the family...they didn't give her meds.

If this is the case, the solution is the same as what Hissy said. Just be patient with her, let her come to you on her terms, and make any interaction you have with her positive with play or food. Pretty soon she will remember the mommy you were, and not the evil medicator!
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Thanks to Hissy and Heidi

This is good advice and I appreciate it very much. Its true maybe she is not a lap cat and may never be. The other three are on you as soon as you sit down so maybe this is why i automatically think something is wrong.
I will try your advice and try playing with her at a distance and not force myself on her.I dont remember doing anything that might scare her but maybe she was spooked by something.

Its a thought too that she thinks I am going to medicate her because you are right on that one. I was the main person to give her the meds because I am the one who is home most of the time. She had the worst of it too and I had to spend a great deal of time putting cream on her many spots as well as giving the oral meds two to three times a day. Actually I think she is the one who brought it in as she was the first to show signs of it.

Again thanks for the help
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Elly - my husband and I fostered Noodles from about 2 weeks old and bottle fed heretc, as well. However, Noodles will have NOTHING to do with me! She is dad's cat and there is no doubt bout that! I think that even though we both cared for her, I was the one with the meds and the Vet, etc........and perhaps she has not forgotten that!
Good luck with your babe!
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Thanks for your help. Its kind of disheartening when you put so much time and love into them and then they act sometimes like you are their worst enemy. The other three are very affectionate with me so at least I have them and hopefully Panda will come around in time.

She is watching the others sit on me and watches me pet them. She almost looks like she wants to come over but maybe is just not ready.

Thanks again and good luck also with your babe to.
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Elly, I have to echo what the others said. My two Siamese had ear mites, and I had to treat them. They are lap cats, the most loving I have ever had, but if they see me unscrew a cap from a small bottle, they jump off my lap and approach me very warily for at least an hour. I know; it's not fair, but you, I fear, have to let her forget the ringworm ordeal. And don't uncap bottles, whatever you do!!
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Jeanie thanks for the help. Since I was on here last she has actually has come up on my lap a couple of times.(only for a second mind you) I give her a little petting but not too much because if I do she seems to become irritated and takes off.
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