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I found a stray cat/kitten. I am going to hold onto him until I can find him a good home. But one problem I have is that he meows like crazy when I leave my apartment, even if it's only for a few seconds.

Is there anything I can do?
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If he is a stray, he's lost his mommy and his brothers and sisters. I'd meow and cry too.

He's objecting to being left alone. He's afraid you won't come back. All I can suggest is that you talk to him in a low calm voice, and tell him that he is safe now, and that he will have food to eat and a place to stay until a home is found for him. He won't understand the words of course, but hopefully the low, calm tone in your voice will make him feel better and he might stop crying. Don't forget to hug him and tell him he is beautiful and loved.

By the way, bless you for taking in this little one.
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You might come to love him so much that you will end up keeping him and becoming his forever mommy

He's already missing you When you go out leave the radio on for him so he won't be so lonely.
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You might try leaving the radio on for him. Not really loud, but loud enough that he can hear the voices and music. Also, you might get him a little stuffed toy "friend".

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