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Odd Monthly Behavior

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I have a Manx male, approximately 4 yrs of age who for the past 3 months has developed an odd pattern.

It began September 14th he started vomiting spittle, or liquid (as in water) he did this several times over the course of the day. Thinking a furball may be upsetting his stomach, we administered Laxatone as directed on the label. This behavior continued for about 3 days, the vomiting decreased and by the 4th day he was back to his old self. He is responsive, alert and even tries to play throughout this ordeal.

October 14th, the pattern was back, identical to above. Vomiting spittle, Laxatone was administered lasted approximately 4 days.

November 22nd pretty much the same as above with two exceptions, the pattern began 8 days later than the 2 previous months and he wants to drink water from the faucet right after he vomits. He doesn’t want to drink from a bowl it must be from the faucet.

Because this appears to be a monthly occurrence we haven’t been to the vet as of yet.

If other feline owners have experienced this pattern or something similar I should would like to hear from you.

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For heaven's sake get him to the vet! It might seem like a monthly occurrence because it went away for a while, but that's a coincidence, not a medical event - and things ARE different this time out as you said. He could have various serious problems and needs to see a doctor now.
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