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A tasty snack

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How about a ponytail palm? Very tasty!
(Edit note 11/26/6: This is their absolute favorite green or treat by any other name. I had to close them in another room to bring it in. They could smell it coming. They devoured the fronds in no time and it was apparently too shocked to come back. They enjoyed it!)

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Our ponytail palm was never allowed to get that big. Past kitty Sheba made sure of that! (She also had a fondness for sleeping in the cactus pot. Yes, she was an odd cat.)
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Haha, look at all those curious kitties.
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What a sweet picture I wonder if that would bring my cats together...probably NOT!!
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well there must have been something VERY interesting in there

one has a look ........well come-on, lets all have a look
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My two would have a field day with that plant, especially Rosie!
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What a precious pic. I grew some cat grass for mine, once. I walked into the room one morning and found them all over my living room floor, out of the pots and dirt everywhere
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