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oh boy still upset

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Man heyu is still sitting in front of the bedroom with the kitten in and hissing and banging on the door. I dont expect them to get along at first, but after 3 days i did not expect heyu to still be hissing at the door!!!!!!
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Did you try the Feliway or the vanilla extract trick yet????

Good luck.
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i got some Feliway about 20 min ago so trying that now.
i also got some vanilla extract this morning in the store.

oh yea, i do find it kinda amusing how heyu will hiss, hiss then turn and look at me, and meow normal a meow then look at the door and hiss again.

And i would like to add thanks for the messages i have gotten from people.
how i have had cats before this is the first kitten i have had a kitten. I really do like the advice i have gotten.
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Give them time. You might want to pet the kitten first and then pet your resident cat. That will help the older cat get used to the newer cat's scent quicker.
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The grand dame of the house takes awhile to adjust. Just give her time and lots of attention. (She's probably miffed at the kitten for using you as a tree).
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My little girl will hiss at my boy cat for two or three days just when he comes back from the vet's and smells a little different. Patches has never done that to Alice even when she was gone overnight to be spayed. Some cats are just more sensitive to new scents than others.
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