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Ulcerated Cornea HELP PLEASE

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Yes I am having problems with my Java (chocolate persian) I noticed last week that his right eye was closed and runny. I immediately took him to the vet cause I am a worry wart. My reg. vet was not there so someone else looked at it and said it was a cold in the eye and gave me some GENTAMICAN SULFATE OPHTHALIC SOLUTION
and to put it in his eye 3 x a day (1 drop) the next morning his eye was so bad it was closed and pus was running. I took him back and they did a dye test on his cornea to see if it was scratched. It showed up to be a very deep scratch. I can't even immagine how it happened unless he scratched himself or my other kittie did. Any way he is now on two different drops. The other drops is ATROPINE SULFATE SOLUTION and is something that dilates his eye. So now everything in his right eye is distorted.I feel so very bad for him and I am panicking. It is still not really opening and is still runny. He eats but not going to the potty too much. He is drinking water. I am sure he is so confused. And he keeps licking his little mouth as if something tastes awful.
I have to take him bad on Monday to see how it is doing and I am praying and praying that he is ok. Those drops scare me.
Has anyone else had this problem? Please reply as I am really a nervous wreck over this. He spens the whole day under my bed. I am just hoping that it is casue the eye is being dilated . He comes out at night time. HELP
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Oh honey, take a deeeeeeep breath and count to ten in Russian.......

You have done all you can do. You need to let the medicine do its work. If that medicine dilates his eyes, he WILL seek out darker places to rest his eyes.

I applaud your rush to the vet's. You are NOT a worry wart, you are a deeply caring owner.

Let us know how the follow up appointment goes. Healing headbuts and please don't worry licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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I want to thank you for your quick reply. You made me feel a bit easier and I'm trying to learn how to count in russian lol.

I will update you on Monday after the vets visit. It will be late as the appt is 4.45 PM.

Thank you so much again

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It will be okay, just follow your vet's instructions. Lily had a corneal ulcer that was caused by her Herpes outbreak. I was given an antibiotic ointment (same ingredients as Neosporin but formulated for eyes) and it helped. It just took a little time.

He's probably eating less because he doesn't feel good. Since he has an eye infection his nose may also be stuffed up and he might not be able to smell his food (and in that case, ask about getting oral antibiotics as well). As long as he is eating something it shouldn't be too much of a problem. If he really isn't eating much you could try tempting him with warmed-up canned food. Meow Mix pouches are famously fish-stinky and tempting.
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What they said. Relax, you're doing the right thing. I've had corneal ulcers lots of times (damn contacts!), and it does hurt like hell for a few days until the meds start working.

I know when my vet prescribes Atroprine (to pets, not to me ), he suggests they use it at bedtime. If you only have to apply it once a day, that's the best time to do it. Things won't be too bright for Java.

My emergency gotta-get-'em-to-eat food is Fancy Feast Crab Shrimp and Sardines Feast. It's disgusting, but they seem to love it. It's very smelly.
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thank you for your reply. When you had that ointment was it dilating his eye also? And yes, I will ask for oral antibiotics.

You are such a help. Bless you and your kitties

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Also, I can't really tempt Java too much with other foods, as he is so allergic to everything. He needs to get his food from the Vet. CD.

thank you again everyone for your replies. They help so so much. I am so happy that I found this site.
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Nope, it didn't dilate her eyes. Her ulcer was small though.

Have you tried mixing a little warm water into his dry food? You'd need a separate bowl and you can't leave it out as long.
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You've had some great replies. I just wanted to say my sweet Patrick had this, and I was told that the atropine drops taste terrible (Patrick "told" me so too!).

Keep trying to tempt his appetite, make sure that you give the eye gtts at least 10 minutes apart (i.e. you don't put in the atropine and then immediately put in the antibiotic least per my vet one does not).

Make sure there is no rubbing of the may work best if you ask your vet for an e-collar on Monday.
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Thanks again for all the replies. I noticed last night that he didn't want the hard food. So I opened a can of the wet chicken food that I give usually only in the am. So he ate that. So that's what I will give him in the meantime.

love and bless all your fur babies.
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Ewwww! I forgot about how bad eyedrops can "taste." *shudder*

The aftertaste after applying certain drops (it goes from the eyes into your sinuses and then your throat) was right up there with the aftertaste in my mouth after a root canal was left open to "drain" before getting the final filling.

When my beloved Sheba wasn't eating well, I stirred a little pedialyte in with her canned food and heated it in the microwave for a few seconds.
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hmmm that sounds great
thanks again
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