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We could use your good wishes

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Hubby has a bad back. Was airmobile infantry for 9 years and has his Master Jump Wings. Needs a new knee, which he doesn't want to deal with until it simply doesn't work any more (terrified of the operation). He goes in tomorrow for back surgery, which will take 8 - 12 weeks before he's fully back on his feet. He already has two fused discs, and now has a herneated disc, a slipped disc, and a cracked vertebrae. From the many people we've met who've had similar surgery, it sounds about 50/50 as to whether it helps or not. One friend's father-in-law is now a paraplegic (God Forbid!) - but was walking before the surgery. But Gary's been living with intense pain for many months now, and his (our) fear of the surgery took second place to his desire to wake up and get out of bed (or trap feral cats to get spayed or neutered!) without intense pain again. If possible. Besides, our Doctors were getting ready to disown him. I'm usually full of faith and solid as a rock about these things, but we've just heard such scary stories. We'd really appreciate and could use some TCS magic!
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Laurie, you and Gary have my positive energy flowing to you from Colorado. You two, Lazlo, Shelly and your family of ferals have quickly become an important part of our little "TCS family." Of course you will get all the board magic we can muster for you!
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Laurie, He has my prayers. I will pray that the surgeon has great skill that will remove his pain and allow your hubby to live a normal life. It's understandable that he's nervous, but it appears to be absolutely necessary, doesn't it? When is the surgery scheduled? Morning, I hope, so that you don't have to wait all day to know the results.
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Laurie and Gary... healing energy and stamina to you both!

There are good stories about back operations as well... (why is it if you mention surgery all the terrible ones come out?). A very close friend of mine had the operation for two herniated disks and had her life improved tremendously... no pain for the first time in years.

I hope things go doubly well for your husband!
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Good Thoughts. Hope All goes well.
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Prayers and good thoughts being sent in your direction!!!!!
Hopefully, you will both be feeling much better once the surgery is over!
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Thoughts, prayers, and much good luck to both of you.
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I will be saying many prayers for your husband tomorrow, that the surgery goes smoothly, and that it helps him alot and he won't have to live with the pain anymore!!!!! Please let us know how it goes!!! he will be in my thoughts as well as my prayers!!!
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Sympathies and positive thoughts! I had an operation five years ago, to remove a crushed disk - and oh, the bliss of waking up without pain! I wish your husband as excellent a surgeon and nursing care as I had, and also as good a recovery!

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Lots of prayers and good thoughts coming your way!! Hope all goes well and he recovers well!! LET US KNOW!!!!
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Constant pain is an awful thing to have to live with. It eats away at you until your energy is sapped.

Good and positive thoughts flying across the sea to you and Gary - hope the surgery is a resounding success.
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Sending good thoughts your way
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Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us up to date on his progress.
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So how did it go???
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Thanks all so much for all the prayers and good wishes. The good news is he's fine, and all of his limbs are working! He's not a good patient, and none of the nurses killed him either. The bad news is the Doctors say this, as it turns out, will likely not solve his pain problem. Before the surgery, they didn't know the extent of the problem with the deterioration of the joints in his vertebrae. It's like arthritis of the vertebrae. Now he has to go through physical therapy, and in addition he'll be receiving steroid shots directly into several of the sites for several weeks. Of course he hates needles. It'll be a bear, but maybe he'll find a pain-free place some day.

Thanks for all the goodwill, it really means a lot. None of our family lives near, and all friends were away for the long Labor Day weekend.
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Laurie, I'm so sorry it didn't work out as well as you hoped. It seems that back surgery is not always the cure-all we hope for. Who knows how much worse it would have been without the surgery though. I do hope therapy helps. God bless.
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I'm glad to hear he came through the surgery alright...but I'm sorry to hear it may not help his pain!!!!! Maybe it will help more than they think!! (I hope)
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At least it wasn't the worst case scenario that you feared. Who knows, it may help more than they can tell right now. We all hope so. Keep us posted on his progress, and we will keep both of you in our thoughts throughout this long process.
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I am so glad everything went well with the surgery!
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To Both Of You~
Think positive, and believe that you will and can deal with anything!
Please keep us posted as to Gary's progress and your needing support we will always be here.
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