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kitten sizes

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I didnt really kno were to put this at so I am guessing I should put it here lol, well my brother got his kids a kitten well actually they got two cats and I know I got to post pictures soon, I went over there yesterday and seen the 2 newest kitties and o my are they so gorgeous lol, but anyways his kitten he got about a week after we got my stormie and this kitten is supposed to be around the same age as my stormie maybe a week younger but o my she is sooooooo small compared to my stormie, she is literally half the size, but she does not have the paws as my stormie does lol. Also and his other kittie that he got he rescued from the animal resce league and o my is he a gorgeous babey he is about 1 years old and O MY I AM IN LOVE lol, I wanted to bring that kittie home with me, and I also think he is a bengal mixed he has those strips with some spotting and he is a wild boy lol and he is sooo lovable and his face his color is like a brwonish silver and around his mouth its like an orange brown color and its soooo cute!
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I also wanted to put that my brother got his kids the kitties because his dog got loose his little pomapoo and here some one that lived by him said they seen him with a whole bunch of little kids and he posted flyers and everything and soon as he did that he went out that night and seen that some one ripped them ALL down, so they got a kitten (his wife wanted one) and the one he rescued and he also has a kittie that is up there and age and loves attention lol but like i siad I NEED TO GET PICTURES, ecspecially of twinkie, o MY is he a cutie they all came to me yesterday and purred and purred and the kitten slept on me and the kittens name is piper, the bengal mix ( i am guessing that thats what he is he acts like it and looks like one but a mix lol) and the older one is max !!! But I am supposed to go get fitted for their wedding today so I am sure they will make me come over and my camera would be on my hand tonite lol !~
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Well, cats are all different sizes. It depends on the breed, how big the parents were, and if the were malnurished as a kitten or not.

Example: I have 3 cats. One is a male that was given to me by a friend. He is big but only weighs 10 lbs because he is skinny. I have 2 females. One is kinda fat and weighs 12 lbs, but she is average size. My other female was malnurished as a kitten(she was feral/stray) and her mother was really small(about 5-6 lbs.) and so she is really tiny(about the size of a 4-5 month old kitten), has a funny short tail, and only weighs about 4-5 lbs.

See, so it all depends on the cat. As far as I know, 10 lbs is about the average cat size/weight. It just varies on the cat. I've could be wrong, but in my opinion, torties tend to be smaller than most other cats. That's just something I've observed with MOST, not all, torties.
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This isn't a very goos picture and you can't see her face or anything, but here is a picture of my really tiny cat, Bestia. She is full grown in this picture. As you can see however, she looks like a kitten. At the time of taking this picture I also had two 5 month old kittens and they were both larger than her!

She's perfectly normal though. When I took her to the vet he said that she was VERY healthy and that she is just small.

That's probably the case with your brother's kittens too.

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awe she is sooo cute, and ya my stormie looks like the same size of your kittie lol
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Thanks! She's my favorite of our 3 cats(Shhhh!Don't tell the other cats I told you that!) LOL!

I caught her when she was about 6-7 weeks old and she is still feral, almost a year later! The owner of the mama cat gave the mama(and 3 kittens) a little can of wetfood each day, that's it. Any other food the mama had to catch or dig out of the garbage. I think that's why my little sweetie is so tiny. She didn't have the nutrience she needed to grow as a kitten. Also, her brothers both had abnormalities. One had short legs and the other had a curved tail(like a dog, it curled over his back). I think their deformities just made them cuter though! LOL!


How old are your brother's kittens? And how old is Stormie?
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Some cats are naturally just smaller than others. Or it could be that the cat hasn't had as good of nutrition as your kitty has. It's even possible that the kitten isnt the age that you think it is. As long as thier both healthy, I wouldn't really be worried.
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If they're eating well, are active and noisy sometimes and peacefully asleep the rest of the time, if they're eliminating normally, if their eyes and noses are clear, if their gums are pink and there are no fleas, and they don't seem to be in pain, then there's little reason to worry.

Anyway, you'll get a hard and fast answer about size when you take them in for their first kitten shots.
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We have two kittens that have a tortie mum. Pixel is more like the mum in that she is very very slender and has a wedge shaped head. Meanwhile Boo is a lot bigger than she is and has a rounded head and cobby body and takes after the dad. They both eat the same and play loads but it's just basically down to body size and shape in our case.
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