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??? Something's missing ???

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Nothing missing here. I'm perfect, just as I am.

Nike ... named after the Goddess of Victory.

Terribly battered before 6mo old, lost an eye, has a pin in one leg restricting flexibility. Someone had surgery done and dumped her at the pound. A woman pulled her on kill day and brought her into a house with too many cats, upper respiratory not being treated. She was moving cats from room to room as they got sick, then having them put down anyway. I went over to try and clean up some of her house, felt something barely touching me. This little thing was nearly dead from starvation (too congested to smell food and so would not eat), less than 3 pounds, wobbling weakly on 3 legs, reaching, tapping me, begging and her meow stuck in her throat. I couldn't save them all but I went home, got a carrier, came back and took her to the vet. She got a shot for fever and he told me to look for baby nose drops and doctor one nostril. Did that and by the time she woke from the shot, she was ready to eat.

What a spirit! See why I named her Nike? She has taught me what enjoyment of life is all about. She is now 14.

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Oh Bless Nike's little Heart.. I love her !!! Bless you for helping this sweet girl!!
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Nike is a very Lucky Kitty - sending you wonderful Kitty kisses and rubs for what you have done. Nike is BEAUTIFUL!!
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How very touching you saved Nike's life..... what a sad start at life she had, but you have shown her true love What beauties you both are!
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Good for you for saving her. What a beautiful, strong girl you are Nike!
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You are absolutely right, she is perfect, just as she is. Thank you for taking care of her!
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She's the same age as my Chynna.

She's beautiful! That tummy is just begging to be rubbed, hehe
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What a horrible start in life for that poor gorgeous baby Your an angel for taking these babies in
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What a touching and inspirational story. Thanks for sharing it.
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