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I just had an inspiration!

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I am going to ask my husband to design a computer desk with an activity playground for cats! There will be high sides on it so that the pens and pencils and pieces of paper that are batted out and around will not fall on the keyboard or on the person typing. There will be sounds and whistles and bells and toys that are spread all over this desk with the soul purpose of giving the kitten plenty to do so that walking across the keyboard and getting in the way of the screen is no longer an option! Does anybody want to take this grey kitten tornado, scud missle known as McBethie off my hands while I get some work done? *G*
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Yeah, Hissy. Just e-mail McBethie, to me . Rowdy would love to have someone, as energetic as she, to play with.
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me too! email her to me and it'll keep Rocket out of trouble for awhile. LOL! Hey when you're done, can you have hubby email me the plans so I can maybe get my S/O to build one??? and a pic too so I can see how cool it is?
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Meet me half way and I'll take her off your hands! I would love a grey kitten!
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Hissy - like many of us have said many times, you are truly creative in many ways! We're all looking forward to seeing pics! :tounge2:
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I, too, would love to volunteer for kitten-sitting duties while Mike builds your kitten-scud-missle-proof desk! MacBethie is just such a little doll-face, and so is MacGilly.

Any more updates on how MacKenzie is doing since being back from her wander?
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She is sleeping in the hay barn, and this morning she had laid out 4 mice for my inspection! We just put 4 tons of hay in the barn so the mice have plenty to eat, and apparently so does McKenzie. Her kittens are outside in the pen and she is laying nearby in the sun. She doesn't seem distressed that she can't actually be in with the babies, and they are busy chasing bugs and climbing logs to give her much of a look. It is a nice sunny day outside for this family.
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The computer desk/playstation for kitties sounds like a really neat idea!!! I can't wait to see the pictures when it is done!! You might have come up with a very marketable idea there! I am sure others could benefit from this as well!!!
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