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Wierd noise, then vomited...

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I'm sitting here watching the old Eukanuba's Tournament of Champions rerun on TV, when about five minutes ago, I hear this wierd, high pitched, "WOW-WOW-WOW-WOW" noise behind me...I turn around, and it's Captain Steuben, who looks like he's choking on something. Of course, I'm panicking, and a moment later, he throws up his breakfast. This is the first time I've ever seen him vomit, and he now appears to be okay, so I won't worry yet.

Does anyone else's cat make strange noises like this before upchucking?
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Yes, I'm a bit loathe to describe it, but a sort of 'chwow chwow chwow' hacking noise. It's all a bit fresh in the memory as he ate too fast this morning and threw up on the carpet, backing up as he went to increase the spread of vomit (thanks Radar).

If it's just a one off I wouldn't worry about it - if he does it again today or any other behaviour strikes you as abnormal I'd phone the vet. Perhaps like Radar he was a little too greedy.
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sounds to me like both of yawls had hair balls. Kirra does that now and again, looks like she is choking, thankfully she never throws up, but cats in my past have, hairball meds work great to lessen it.
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I would not worry too much. We have one that is barely 6lbs and skinney as a rail. Piggit( I mean Daisy) eats too much all the time, Then throws it up. I was worried she was too small but the vets (my general and SPCA) both tell me she is just petite and is fine.

Just a piggit is all

4 cats.... and counting maybe
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I don't know why, but they seem to have an unfailable radar that puts the upchuck right where everyone in the world can see it, making sure that it also is on the lightest color of the carpeting.
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My Abby when she wants to get rid of a hairball will "binge and purge." She is usually a nibbler when it comes to eating but occasionally she will go and devour her entire bowl of food in one sitting and then a few minutes later I hear "HACK! HACK! HACK!" followed by a vomit of the food she ate, and then another with the hairball. That's the only time she does that.

Chynna usually gets rid of hairballs in her poops, but she too will sometimes throw one up. When she's about to throw up I hear "NEE UMM! NEE UMM! NEE UMM!" followed by "HACK! HACK! HACK!"
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Occassionally, mine would make what sounded like turkey gobbling noises before horking something up. "Lobble-lobble-lobble!"

Other times, it sounded like a little girl saying something in another language. That freaked me out, because I was home alone, and thought someone was in the house with me.
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Yes my cats when they get hair balls sometimes make that awful noise. First time it freaked me out. I give them pet malt cause they are both long haired. It does help some but they still get those hair balls.
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When my cat has an upset stomach & wants to throw up he lets out a loud very forlorn garbled yowl before the end result.
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You guys are totally cracking me up, because I can relate to all of it! My cat Mick makes the most horrible noise before upchucking and then he keeps backing up to spread it all over the place. And my other cat Morganstern likes to leave hairballs all over the place. Once the cable guy came to fix my cable, and i didn't know she left a hairball right in front of the tv. He kneeled down to look at the cable box and goes, "Umm..can I have a paper towel?" I looked down and saw the hairball and accompanying stuff around it and I was mortified! Luckily he was undersstanding about it, he said he has 3 cats at home.

Whew! I was so embarrassed! But this is hilarious, I love that my cats aren't the only ones who make strange noises like that!
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Our cat Molly used to make a clicking sound before she did it. It was actually quite mingin once cos she was sitting on my leg and started making the sound. I had never heard a cat make THAT noise before boaking I started stroking her instead of getting the hell out of the way and before I knew it there was most of an undigested rabbit on our bedroom carpet.
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Originally Posted by Lorina View Post
Occassionally, mine would make what sounded like turkey gobbling noises before horking something up. "Lobble-lobble-lobble!"

Other times, it sounded like a little girl saying something in another language.
Mouse used to make a very pitiful, howling meow just prior to upchucking. & they all make that lovely hacking noise that sounds like they're purposefully purging. well, at least, all the ones i've heard upchuck have made that noise... sometimes i find stuff & don't know who/where it came from...
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