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Hi! I'm new here.

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Hello! My name is Cherish, and I am owned by three darling felines!

Maria is my 5 year old spayed female DSH tuxedo. She was originally an alley cat, and we so very scared of people when I adopted her at 7 months of age. Now, while she is wary of strangels, she is my very best friend, and I can't imagine not having her around. I swear she's more human than cat! On a very sad note, she has recently been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma.

Juliet is a 14 week old female DSH flame point kitten. She has the best personality I have ever seen in a cat. She's energetic, playful and doesn't know a stranger. I can't believe that someone would have dumped her in a park at just 6 weeks old, but though we searched for an owner we never found one.

Romeo is a 13 week old male lynx point siamese mix. He is gorgeous, and when a girl from work brought him and some other barn kittens in I just had to have him! And besides, Juliet really needed a playmate! He and Juliet have the best time together, and when he's not playing he loves to cuddle on my lap.

So, there's a bit about my babies. I am very excited to meet you all!
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Welcome to the site! Your furbabes are just gorgeous - all of them. I love the black spot on Maria's nose. I'm very sorry about her diagnosis. Romeo and Juliet are both adorable. Love those names, BTW. I was an English major in College, Shakespeare was one of my favorites, which is why my cat's name is Ophelia. I'm sure they entertain themselves and you all the time. It looks like a very happy little family.

I look forward to getting to know you, Maria, Romeo and Juliet. Happy posting!
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They are all just gorgeous! I hope to see you posting often. Welcome to the site!
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What a lovely name you have. You kitties are truly sweet too.

I look forward to hearing more about your fluffies, life in Indiana and chatting in general.
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I'm so JEALOUS....I must need another kitten in my life...I love your kitty pictures!! That little Romeo, whew! something tells me he earned that name. He looks like a Romeo!!


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Cute kitties!!
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Thank you for sharing the pictures of your awsome babies!

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