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help or advise

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Hi,I am new to this forum and would love some advise please, I have a 8 year old cat and she is one big cat,her name is "Tilly" last saturday she started to behave in a different manner, she would hide in the bedroom and did not like to be touched towards the lower back,she could not jump up on the chair,she showed disscomfort when she attempted to jump up and never managed it in the end, she always likes to sit on the back of the chair looking out of the window,she had not been out that day and we ruled out any type of accident,I took her to the vets and he could not find anything obvoious wrong with her, the only thing he could come up with is that she had been bitten on her lower back but he said there was no obvious sign to tell him this,though when he pressed on the lower back by the tail she was in some disscomfort,she still need to be lifted onto the chairs etc, but she seems a lot better in herself now, she is eating fine and uses the litter tray fine and also plays around by chaseing the light off a torch,she does however needs to be picked up onto the chair still,really confused as to what is wrong with her,could anyone give me advise please..many thanks,
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Perhaps some testing needs to be done, maybe she has arthritis. Why did the vet say that she had been bitten?

Is she still showing signs of pain? I would want to consider a second opinion and maybe some pain medication to see if that would help out.
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many thanks for the reply, arthritis did cross my mind as she is 8 years old and she is one big cat,very heavy, its strange as she has been playing again tonight and she eats fine, probably to much if anything,but she always has done,she just seems to have stopped jumping up on the furniture and one of her fav spots was on the back of the chair,her legs did seem to give way a week ago, and was in some discomfort, but now she is most certainly is better,she does run around after the light from a torch so that has put my mind a little to rest, I will just keep a eye on her, she is a great companion and i took her in as a stray when she was about 6 months old, so we have a very close bond. as for the vet saying about a bite, she was bitten on her tail in the summer by what seems to have been a dog,though the vet said a cat, mind you i suppose he could tell by the teeth marks that it was a cat,so i think he looked at her medical records and that sprung to mind as he says cats get very disstracted while in the vets and it would be hard to tell unless he shaved her lower back, he tested her legs but she did try and bite me when he pressed on her lower back,but i seem a little more relaxed about her now and will just keep a eye out and if it persists then i will take her back, many thanks for your suggestion...i think you could be right about arthritis.
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Hey, no problem. We LOVE our kitties here.
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This is going to sound totally out of left field, but......did the vet check her heart? If she is as overweight as you claim, it can put strain on her heart. Some cats with heart problems can form a thrombosis which shows up as weakness or lameness in their back legs. It is usually accompanied with a heart murmor. There is medication to treat it.

I lost a 9 year old cat to this last year. I know it's a stretch as this usually happens in male cats between 8-10 years old.
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No he did not check her heart, she does not sem to have a limp but is just reluctant to jump up on things, she was running around playing last night as like most cats love these pet laser pens which you can now buy,in herself she seems to be fine,also i think i get a bit paranoid ( as my wife tells me and says "i hope you look after me like that when i am under the weather" ), i am a lot less worried now as she eats fine and runs around, i think if she was ill i would not get that responce from her, she hates going out in the winter so that is nothing new there, summer time i have a job getting her in,she is a baby, i pick her up now but make sure i support her back legs and she does not seem to mind, though she is not one for being picked up normally, a injury could be another thing as she did not like being touched around the back legs and tail area as we do have a high fence around our back garden and she does climb over them, she may have landed awkwardley sometime, many thanks for your advise and will keep ypu updated.
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ps how can i post a picture of her and how ? thank you.
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Feel her pads on her back feet. If they are cold, or one of her pads on her legs is cold, it could be thrombosis but they normally deteriorate REALLY quickly so hopefully its not that.

Is she drinking and weeing more than usual? Diabetes is another possibility as it causes muscle wastage in the back legs.
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Hi, no she is drinking and weeing as normal, i am just about to check her pads now as i have put her on the back of the chair and the sun is beaming down on her,its been a week yesterday since it started and in herself she seems fine....its a change of her usual ways, a real puzzle, her pads seem fine and she is purring away as i stroke her, i did notice last week that she ran off into the hallway and turned back and hissed at towards her back area and shook one of her legs,she then did not like to be touched in her back area, could anyone shed any light on that ? can cats have back problems ?other than not jumping up on things she seems as normal as she was before...
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does she sit down suddenly, or cry out sometimes? She may have a sprain from when she jumped down. It sounds like an injury of some kind, and if it is a sprain or a muscle pull, it will take time, just like it does with us.
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Another thing that may be helpful is to have a radiograph taken of her back end. The arthritis would show up and hopefully give you some more answers. It can be pretty painful for them off and on. It might not be a bad idea to take her back in, maybe if he did some x-rays, that could at least diagnose or rule out arthritis. If she did have arthritis, he could then reccomend something to help reduce the inflammation and pain.
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How about blood work? Could the vet do blood work to tell about enzyme levels and stuff?
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of all things...this afternoon i let her out into the back garden, she jumped up onto the garden table.....then climbed a 6 foot fence.....i stood there amazed,i could not believe what i just witness, i went back into the house scratching my that must surely rule out a for arthritis i dont really know a lot about it but it must be said if she had it surely she could not climb a 6 foot fence....i think she has been taking me for a ride !!!!! do they have different moods that can last awhile ? like as menioned her fav place was on the back of the chair,now she likes sitting in the hallway, thats something she just does when its summertime and its a warm day, she is now sitting in front of the fire so she cant feel hot,she does like the fire though as most cats do,and sometimes now started sitting under the kitchen table but comes out of there when she sees me, i am really confused as now i do think there is not much wrong with her, she lets me brush her and stroke her and eats fine, i think maybe she could have had a injury or something and maybe she is still a bit wary of certain things...but certainly not the garden fence !!!!!!!!
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i love your cat! what a cutie! Maybe watch her for a few days. bloodwork might be a good idea, as it would tell you what, if anything, is going on in her sweet body
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Many thanks,i will watch her and i think it would be a good idea to have blood works done on her,will update if anything changes,
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i think that i have picked up on something this evening, i picked her up and was stroking her then she jumped down and landed on her all fours, she growled shook her leg a bit then limped for a second or so, ent under the table thn came out and ate her tea,all of it to then was asking for more, this eating habit is not anything strange as she is a little piggy, so i think its either pointing towards a injury or arthritis, as again she is fine in herself but not climbing up to her chair, though the fence yesterday points to that she must be landing on her front legs which would explain why she growled hen landing on her all fours,think its the right side of her back legs.
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Tilly went back to the vets tonight and he said she had some discomfort at the base of her tail,so she has a x-ray on friday morning, he said it might not show anything but he wanted to make sure there is not a injury there, though he said she is walking around just fine and her tail is upright,he also said that cats can sometimes get a cyst between the discs, he though she was a bit young for artritis, will keep updated on progress....she has been running around playing this evening,but i want to make sure she gets back to being 100%
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That's good news. Let us know how it works out, OK?
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the x-rays did not show anything really,there was what looked like something floating around her hip but the vet said this could have been a RED HERRING as it did not show up on two out of the three x-rays,poor Tilly she looked half drunk when i bought her home, but now she is being spoilt rotten,and lazying by the fire.The vet has said she has to rest and not to go out at all, he has giving her Lactulose as she seemed to be bunged up a bit,though she did not use the tray before going to the vet,now i have reduced the ammount to one 3ml drops a day as she is using the toilet fine,i have to go back to talk about her weight as she weighs 7kg ( i think,if i am right its over a stone in weight ) and she should be 4.5 kg for a cat her size,so the ammount of food has been reduced by myself. eveything seems fine with her and she is loving the attention she is getting. thank you all for your advise.
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Originally Posted by xb183 View Post
ps how can i post a picture of her and how ? thank you.
This thread explains how to post pictures.
Have you checked out Tilly's back claws? Perhaps she has one that's split, or ingrown, and it's causing her pain? Maybe she's strained or torn a muscle or tendon?
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i think it maybe pointing towards a muscle or strain as the vet could not find anything positive on the x-rays, so now she has to rest, and believe me she is, she looks so chilled by the fire...lazy thing she is.
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Originally Posted by xb183 View Post
i think it maybe pointing towards a muscle or strain as the vet could not find anything positive on the x-rays, so now she has to rest, and believe me she is, she looks so chilled by the fire...lazy thing she is.
Hey, it's December, and the days are short. Jamie is really chilling out on our water bed (a cosy 27°C), or his window perches above the radiators.
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ha, i forget these things as in change of season etc, think cats love to chill this time of year and love the fire and the heat off it.
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