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Hi, I'm back, remember me?

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I used to be quite active on TCS last autumn and winter. So much has been happenig in my life since then that I somehow disconnected myself from this board last spring. I'm back now.

I've been going through a divorce (stormy in the beginning but now we're cool). I live together with my sister, who's over the moon, because she loves my kitties. We live right in the city center, which is really nice. The only down side is that I don't have a place to walk the cats anymore. I've also changed my profession from a wannabe researcher to a journalist.

A lot has been happenig with the cats also. Timotei was diagnosed with IMHA last spring. It has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs since then. At the low points I spent hours with him at the vets, when he collapsed and had to be given an IV drip. The vet even talked of putting him to sleep. Fortunately he's been doing great for a few months now and were reducing his medication bit by bit. I hope he'll continue this way.

Long story short, I just wanted to say hi to everyone and get active here again.
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Hi Ryn!! Great to see you! I'm sorry to hear about the difficulties you've been having, especially your poor Timotei - but fantastic news that he's doing well again! And divorce, what a bummer hey, all I can say is been there, done that - best thing I ever did and now I'm engaged to the most awesome guy. You have my respect for doing what's best for you, even though it can be hard and there's a lot of pressure to stay together once you're married. I'm sure you did everything you could to make it work, and I'm really glad you two are all good now.

Great to see you again, just in time for Christmas too!
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Welcome back and I hope things get better. I found that when going through a crisis TCS helped me cope, so don't go away again.
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Welcome back Ryn!
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Nice to have ya back!!
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Great to have you back although I am too new to remember you!
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Thanks guys! It's nice to know TCS supports members. I just feel most comfortable thinking things through alone when in crisis.

Timotei seems to be doing fine right now, though I'm constantly worried he'll get sick again. He's a really kind and goofy puppylike cat and is really enjoying all the extra attention.

About the divorce... It was definately for the best, he had issues. When I left he went kind of nuts. Now he's doing OK. I suppose when he had me to pamper him, he didn't have to cope himself, now he has to stand on his own two feet and does well, because there is no other choice.
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It's great to see you back, Ryn! I'm sorry about your divorce, and Timotei's health problems, but hope you'll be posting again regularly. I had wondered why you'd "disappeared".
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Hi Ryn,
Sorry to read about the divorce. How is the career change going???
I hope Timotei's health problems continue to improve.
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I couldn't possibly remember you, as I just joined this board about a week ago. But welcome back.
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Welcome back Ryn! Of course I remember those gorgeous cats glad to have you back!
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Welcome back!
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Originally Posted by GailC View Post
How is the career change going???
It's going OK. I did my internship in a local paper. They liked me there, I made a lot of new friends and got some great experience. Unfortunately they couldn't hire any more permanent staff. Right now I'm writing freelance, mostly for the paper I interned in. I'm also studying part time.
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