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New Kitten is scared... Need help!!!

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I just got a 11 week old kitten from the SPCA a couple of days ago and the cat is very scared.. He doesn't play with any of his toys and he runs for his life if I go near him. Most of the day if he isn't sleeping he'll meow like he's crying, He will let me pet him if I creep up to him but once I stop petting him he'll run and hide somewhere..The 1st day I got him he would hiss at me when I would look in the kennel but hes never scratched me or anything.. I'm just wondering how long will it take him to adjust to his new home? will he always be like this?.. Is there anything I can do to help him adjust or should I just let him adjust on his own? I was thinking about getting another kitten thats more playful so he would have a playmate and maybe open up a lil bit.. any advice would be greatly appreciated

heres a pic of him....
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Welcome to TCS! He is a very pretty colour! As you said, he is very scared - he has had nothing but bad experiences so far in his short life, just as he gets used to somewhere he is moved somewhere else, and he does not know what to expect. He may even have been hurt at some time and is probably missing his mom and siblings. Do not approach him - let him come to you. Do not make eye contact - this is seen as a threat and very frightening, and do not over stimulate him at first. Sometimes it helps by starting him off in a small room so he can get used to space gradually - a large room or flat can be really overwhelming and he might not be able to find his food, litter etc. Get him used to your voice by talking to him, especially at feeding times. Sit down in the room at his height and read aloud, leave treats where you were sitting and play a little soft music when you are not there. All this will relax him. It may take a little time - anything from a day or two to a few weeks, depending on his personality and what he has been through, but it will happen, and then you will have a wonderful playmate.
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If you can manage another one (of the same age) now would be the time to do it and I definitely think it would help!
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Hissing is one of the survival instincts of kittens. I remember when I brought home 4 rescued ones I had a bunch of little hissers and spitters the first hours.
Anyway, Jenny has given you great advise. I also suggest you find a nice box or a carrier (door open) where the little one can stay in and feel safe.
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Thanks everyone for the advice.. I really appreciate it. I'm not sure if I'm gonna get another yet.. I'm going to the spca today to just to take a look around. For now I have him in the downstairs closet, well its not really a closet its more like a big storage room that has all his toys, carrier, food, water and his litter box. Should I close him in there or should I leave the door open so he can roam around?
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I would close the door for a day or two till he realises this is 'his' space and his 'safe place'. But don't leave him there to cry. If he seems upset then open it and let him come out at his own pace, but always making sure he can get back there if he needs to. He will soon gain confidence. And if he has any accidents don't punish him - kittens often forget where their tray is, or just can't get to it in time. Just lift him back to the tray and talk to him gently. And clean the place thoroughly with an enzyme cleaner so the smell does not attract him back.
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One other thing that I didn't see mentioned...

Please don't do what so many do...and that's to use a spray bottle and squirt him with water in an attempt to change bad behaviour. Cats are like perpetual toddlers and respond better to repetition and redirection than to being shot in the face with a jet of water or scolded.

Be gentle and loving with him and he will come to trust you He just needs to figure out over time that he isn't going to be abandoned...yet again, and that you are his forever mommy
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What a cutie!

Do you have a cozy place for him-a box with blankets and maybe a stuffed animal to cuddle up with?
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he's a little better now.. he comes and jumps on my lap all tha time but he gets scared if someone is walking his way.. but if you're sitting down he's ok... i bought him a big play arena and a cat house and a whole bunch of toys
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That is great that he is learning to love and trust you, and gradually he will come to see other humans as friends too. But until he has more confidence make sure he always has a retreat at hand where he can go to regruop. Don't force other people on him yet, take it gradually and it will pay dividends in the end. It sounds like all is going well!
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Some kittens adjust more quickly then others. I suggest you confine your kitten to one or two rooms for about a week instead of the entire house. A big house with lots of rooms is quite frightening to a kitten that has been looked in a small cage.

Talk to the kitten quietly and sit on the floor and play with him with a ball or some string to entice him. Have a few small tempting treats (like shredded boiled chicken) to offer when he approaches so he knows you don't mean him harm.
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