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Nose Sore?

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Hi Guys!

So I had originally posted in the behavior forum about Skye and happened to mention his nose problem, but it wasn't that bad. But now I am getting concerned so I wanted to see if any of you have had any experience with this. I am out of town right now and the vet that I use here (I used to live here so I still use them if I am here and my pets need a vet) is closed for the holiday weekend. I plan on taking Skye to the vet when I get home, but I just want to see if there is any thing to help him till then.

So here goes...

Skye (10 yo) has what looks to be a skinned nose. I noticed it Sunday. I wasn't sure what it was and it didn't seem to bother him. Wednesday we took a long road trip and when we got here I noticed that his nose looked like it might be oozing. This might be really bad, but I put a little peroxide on a napkin and blotted his nose a little. It didn't bother him and it looked better later. This morning it looked bad again so I tried the peroxide dab again and it looked better. I fed him some wet food this afternoon and after that his nose started bleeding. The sore itself- not from the nostrils. It was bleeding quite a bit. I patted it with a napkin until it let up and he went on his way. I don't know if it is just a boo boo that he got and it is dry and it cracked when he was eating? It happened later this evening too.

Now a little back story. I recently brought home 2 kittens that have colds. I took them to the vet this morning (I know, I know I should have taken Skye- but the bleeding thing haden't started and once I saw it I immediately called the vet but the offices are now closed for the holiday weekend). She said one kitten had a temp and put him on antibiotics and the other she said just had to run it's course since she had no fever. This vet generally believes that new kittens need to be given a month to let everything get out of their system. I told her about Skye's sore but without looking at it she couldn't be sure.

So as I said I will take him to my vet when we get home (first thing Monday). He is eating fine, drinking, using the litter box and everything that is normal for him. Have any of you had any experience with nose sores? It really looks like the lower part of his nose was skinned. He isn't fighting with the kittens at all (maybe they brought a virus home that he may have gotten?). I'm not sure why it bleeds. It may be that it gets dried out and splits when he eats or hisses at the kittens? Some times it looks like it is healing. It is hard to say. Any thoughts, experience, remedies to help him through to Monday? Can I put anything (neosporin?) on it? Should I not try to clean it for him?

wow-that was long.... sorry
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YOu need to CALL at least the ER vet
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You can try a little neosporin, but in all likelihood, either he or the kittens will lick it off. It's possible he got scratched by a kitten or scratched himself. When you take him to the vet, ask about a skin biopsy--occasionally cats can get skin cancer, and it often manifests as a sore that won't heal. I'm not saying that's what it is in Skye's case, but it's better to be safe and have it checked. In the meantime, be careful using the peroxide--it should be diluted, I believe, as it can be very hard on the cells of his nose. You may want to try a sterile saline flush (like eye wash from the human pharmacy) to clean it out instead.
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So I saw that when he hisses at the kitten it must crack the wound because that is when it starts bleeding. Poor boy
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