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Help! Don't understand whats wrong

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My Cat...KittyGirl is about 8 month old...she unfortunatly is/was in heat,my fault, she will be spaded when this is over...anyway...she was doing all the crying and crawling with her tush up for two days..then she started to have excessive saliva and a terible odor from her mouth.
At times she is playful and she is eating... but she is sleeping alot and just seems like she does not feel well.
I bottle-fed this kitty from two weeks old, I pray to God she is not sick...
This might sound terrible but i really do n ot ant to take her to the vet...not
for financial reasons..but because on October 31st..my Black German Shepard was not acting right and i took her to the vet..was told to leave her..went back that evening thinking the vet gave her meds and she was fine
Come to find out my worst nightmare..she was in liver failure and had less than a 25% chance of surviving. I would have done everythingin my power
but he told me she was going to suffer a long horrible death. treatment would have prolonged the enevitable. So, we had her put down that night. I
am so scared to take KittyGirl in to find out something terrible is wrong.
Vet said that what my dog(Buffy) had was in no way catchy. Just something that happens with age of a dog.
Can someone please tell me if these signs that I explained with Kitty Girl are ones of a cat in heat. How long will this last..cuz as soon as she is up to it
both Kitty Girl and Angel are going to get spayed.
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I don't think the excessive saliva and bad odor from her mouth are signs of being in heat.

Is it possible she has a tooth problem? Maybe if you just called the vet and gave the symptoms, maybe something could be done without you having to go in.
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Hi! Welcome to TCS!

I am not sure about the rest, but the yowling, butt in the air, are both big signs of her in heat-make sure to have 2 doors between her and outside at all times. I have not heard of stinky breath being a issue sith them going into heat, is it possible that you just never noticed before? Have you changed anything, like foods to cause stinky breath?

I am so sorry to hear about your dog, animals, just like people can just develope things, beyond our help, it was no ones fault, not yours or the vets. Please don't be afraid to take a sick animal to the vet, some things just cannot be prevented. I know your hurting because you miss your pup, but don't let that prevent you from taking care of your other animals. If it helps, try a different vet.
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i never thought about a tooth problem...she is playing right now ..running through the house with my other kitten like two nuts..and I gave her a little turkey ..she gobbled it up...I am confused...gonna see if she will let me look in her mouth...she is also twitching her back and arching alot..Thanks for the advice....i do not think a sick cat would play? yes/no?
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Please take your cat to the vet and have her spayed. It is the kindest thing that you can do. I know you are stressed about the poor dog, but that should not put you 'off' vets forever. Perhaps going to a different vet for the spay will make it more tolerable to you. Ask your cat owning neighbours if they have any preferences.
Good luck.
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