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American Idol

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Anyone watching this? I've missed a lot of shows, but since there is officially only two left, I thought I would ask...who do you like and who do you think will win???

Personally, I think Kelly should win. She really has an amazing voice. I think Justin will win, though. I think there are more smitten girls who will vote than people who can actually spot a good vocalist.

Regardless, they have already been saying that the top 4 will probably all get signed. And the top 10 are going on a national tour. No matter what happens, this has to be an amazing experience for those kids.
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I think Kelly is amazing. I have watched (on tape) most of the shows. Justin reminds me of a lounge singer. He always is chatting up the crowd and smiling and winking at the girls even in the middle of his singing. He just seems kinda slimey to me - he has a used car salesman vibe. Kelly reminds me alot of Faith Hill. The very powerful voice with a bit of country twang.
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I think Kelly will proably win I've been watching most of the shows, and I am hooked on American Idol now!
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I was blown away when Tamyra got voted off! And Justin, he thinks he is Englebert Humperdink, the kid does not impress me at all. Until lately his clothes looked like what the boys I dated in the 60's wore!

Kelly won my admiration early on when she appeared on stage with the end of laryngitis and belted out the song anyway. I hope she wins, she is the only one who has been able to sing ANYTHING and she is such a goofball, you gotta love her!

Another thing is, I wish they would lose those 2 Mc's those kids do not know how to host such an important show. They take such cheap shots at Simon, who has a vested interest in the outcome of this competition, because it is his record company that will produce the songs of the winner. Everyone gets mad at him for telling the truth, but I think it is refreshing that he does tell it like it is.
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I was also really shocked when Tamyra got voted off...I think she was the best. I think Kelly should win since Tamyra is out.
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I have watched every show except the very first one. What a great show. I would like to see Kelly win too. She has such a strong voice. Last night they said that Kelly is the only person not to be in the bottom three the entire show!
Nikki was pretty cool. She was not one of my favorites in the beginning but she kinda grew on me as the weeks went on.
Next week is a two hour special but I am not sure of the start time. Anyone know?

Coco Maui
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You can see the website at www.idolonfox.msn.com. The series finale is two nights, next Tuesday at 9/8c, and Wednesday 8/7c.
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I love this show. I too was completely surprised when Tamyra got voted off; she was always my favorite. But I gotta hand it to her, Kelly has an Amazing voice. I have nothing against Justin, but if he wins it will not be because of his vocal talent. I was glad to see Kelly go, she never really did much for me, and I was pretty ticked that she beat out Tamyra. (I've had fun with this show, it's a popular topic in my dance classes, esp with my teacher, Mark)
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I thought that Kelly blew Justin off the stage last night.

But in reality, it was like comparing apples to oranges. Justin would be good for the teeny-bopper crowd, which there is obviously a lot of money in. He does have charisma, and the young girls definitely like him. Kelly I think would market better to an older crowd, one that can actually appreciate a genuine talent. She reminds me more of a Faith Hill or Celine Dion.

It will be interesting to see who wins tonight.
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