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I found out today that my neighbor's dog Axel was PTS by one of the area animal shelters. He disappeared not quite 2 weeks ago after the hot air balloon landed in my neighbor's field. He must have been spooked. Anyhow my neighbor's girlfriend had been looking for him. He was an 11 yr old Giant Malmute that was starting to have some health problems. His owner did not take the best of care of him-his girlfriend would have liked to do more but it wasn't her dog. Anyhow the animal shelter PTS after 7 days (no tags) because he was "aggressive" to some of the other dogs. She found out the day after he was PTS. This shelter IMO puts an aggressive tag on many pets. Axel had some difficulty walking and a big sore on one of his paws and in all the time I knew him he wasn't aggressive to me my pets, his owners. He liked to follow me around the yard. RIP Axel I hope you have a wonderful time at the bridge.
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Poor Axel. Rest in peace brave soul.
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RIP Big Dog. Run free at the Bridge. Find a brindled Rottie/Lab named Woldgang, he knows the way around. He'll play some football with you too.
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RIP Axel, what a horrible tragedy
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That is so sad RIP Axel
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Oh, how sad.

Rest in peace and play Axel.
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Rest in Peace Sweet Axel
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Poor tragic end to one of the most beautiful of animals. Poor little thing. But remember, at least you know what ahppened to him. Some folks never know what ahppened to their awol animal. Be thankful it is a blessing.

Play over the bridge, dear one. Lucky will be there. He had three very wonderful dogs to help him over his fears of dogs. Tiger, who is there with Lucky, and two here in our home that loved him up. Go play with all the kids that have gone before you, and ask about the wishing window so you can see your caretaker......

Be beautiful and stately you wonderful animal you......
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RIP Axel, you can run & play as much and where ever you want over the Bridge with your new fur-family
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This is so sad

Have a lovely time at the bridge Axel and run free, but no chasing the kitties up the tree

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Poor Axel - that is such a sad story. Poor confused, scared doggie - I hate to criticize since I wasn't there, but agression against other dogs isn't the same as aggression against people; could it be that his size intimidated the workers This story touched a nerve with me because years ago, my daughter's border collie jumped an 8ft fence (she had trained him to do agility courses) and went on a jaunt with a lab mix. I immediately called the AC, and gave description and license no., plus did radio ads; 2 weeks later, my dog was posted on pet of the week pics; I sent my friend to go retrieve him, and she was told that the dog was adopted by the people who found him the same morning that the pic was taken; when I called the shelter, they said that the dog didn't have a collar, so they didn't think he was mine, and although they did adopt him out prematurely, it was too late to get him back and they couldn't give me infor on the adopters and refused to ask the adopters to contact me. So my heartbroken daughters lost their beloved Buddy and we don't know if he was happy at his new home
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I am so sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to all involved.

Run free at the Rainbow Bridge Axel

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RIP Axel
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I am so sorry for the loss of Axel. What a sad story! Rest in peace, big guy!
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