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Shoes *sigh*

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Whatever happen to the classic pump?

I spent part of my day looking online for an all-occassion type of dress pump that is 2 1/2 inches or lower.

I can't wear 3" inches or higher because 1) I'm a complete clutz and have a hard enough time in sneakers and 2) That puts me over the 6 foot line.

I hate shopping for shoes because there are so many 3 in. heels and above. I tried some of the local shoe stores, but all they carry are really high, ugly shoes.

I just want a pair of pumps that are not pointed, the heels are not higher than 2.5 inches and they don't have any silly little accents added on to them.

Anyone else have shoe issues???

PS, oh yea and apparently my mom and boyfriend agree that I have no taste in shoes, so if they hear that I'm shoe shopping by myself I get frowned on.
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What about something like these, they are simple enough to wear to anything (but have a 2 3/4" heel)

or if you just want the plain pump, Naturalizer have a nice pair with a 2" (bigger) heel
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Originally Posted by lunasmom View Post
Whatever happen to the classic pump?
My mom has them all in her closet... every single pair
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OOo thanks Icklemiss! I had been at Shoemall.com, but didn't think "Shoe.com" .

I may get those! Rampage is one of the only brands I know will have the arch for people like me with high arches (otherwise I have to try them on)
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www.zappos.com is a great site for shoes too
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