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It's tomorrow!

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Well tomorrow morning I leave to pick up Alexis! I just cant' wait! Tomorrow I will be like that kid in Stewart Little! It's today! It's today! It's today! :blubturq:

It will be an 8 hour drive. I will be back on Saturday night with pictures!
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That's WICKED. You must be beside yourself with excitement. Is that an 8 hour drive one way or there and back?

Can't wait to see the piccies
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8 hours one way! I will be staying at a hotel Friday night and pick her up Saturday.
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How exciting! Oh, I'm so jealous - but in a good way. Bringing a new baby home is always exciting, and a baby Bengal - oh you must just be about to BURST!

Can't wait for the pics. Have a safe trip!
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So exciting!!!
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Drive safely to pick up you new little bundle of furry joy! You are so lucky!
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Thank you we will be safe on the drive. It is a long drive so we want to leave around 9:00am.
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Have a safe trip, Good Luck, and HOW EXCITING!
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Thank you!
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Hope you have a good safe trip, and can't wait to see pics!
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Thanks Debby!

I hope I get there my husband is stuck in Ohio right now working! I hate his job! He was to come home last night and this boss said he had to stay. Now his boss knew we were going out of town tomorrow and he still has him up there. It is 12:54 at night here. I am so mad right now! I really hope he can get home soon! To get some sleep! We also have nothing packed or planed such as time to leave. I know what time I want to leave but men can be so slow! Oh well! Sorry I needed to vent!
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Wow, I hope he gets home soon! His boss sounds like my hubbies boss...he even sent him out of town the week I was due!! good thing I didn't have the baby that week!!
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Did you get there!?
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I'll bet she has her hands full right now with that beautiful new furbaby!!! Details, we want details!!! Hope the trip went well!
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We are back! I will post some pictures and the details in a few.
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Sorry everyone but my camera needs batteries! I will have to get them tomorrow!

Alexis is so beautiful and I can not wait to share pictures. I do have one picture I can share with you. You will not believe it but we are picking up another female at the TICA show next month. She is from the same breeder. She is spotted and I have a picture of her. I do not have new ones of Alexis yet but I will take some tomorrow. It has been a long day so I am going to bed for now. I will tell you more tomorrow.
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This is our baby we will get next month.
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Ooooh, what a gorgeous bengal! Is that one of the foundation bengals?
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Thanks Tigger! She is not a foundation. I really want one but she is an SBT.
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How many generations away is she? Oh, and what's her name?
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Tigger that is a good question! I had to look it up! She is an F5 so 5 generations away. Her name was given to her by the breeder. She was going to keep her so she has sent in for her name. It is Lady Luck. If you want to know the cattery she is from e-mail me privately and I will tell you.
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Gizmo & Scooter are supposedly both F5's, too I have their pedigree with me, and it shows their mom as an F4 I think????? I get confused on reading the pedigrees Lady Luck is a cute name.
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Pedigrees confuse the heck out of me too! I am still learning so I could be wrong. I do know you read it from right to left I think. AlC's will be at the right and I can't seem to find her ALC. I just have the one the breeder printed for me. I have not sent for her certified pedigree because I do not own her yet. I wonder if I will get it because the breeder regestered her already. She may have sent for it. It might be included in her price. I will just have to drop the cattery name at the end and add mine when I get her reg.
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You can get her ped from TICA, can't you? I never registered Gizmo & Scooter yet..... can you believe that! I have their papers though. Now, Tigger, she is registered with both TICA & the United Feline Organization. I might have that one wrong, but I know its UF something. Her registered name is just Tigger.... original, huh! We arent going to show her, even though she is a show cat. I wish I could add "of 100 acre woods" to the end of Tigger, but I think its too late.
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Lady Luck is a beautiful kitten!!!! No wonder you are so anxious to get her!! And I saw the pics of Alexis in the other thread...she is beautiful too!!!!!!!
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Tigger, You should have a blue slip that you can register her with. On the back of this slip is where you check that you would like the pedigree. I think it is like $50 for a 5 generation pedigree. The cattery you bought her from would be first then her name. And if you had a registered cattery name it would be at the end. My Alexis name would look like this....Cazpurr's Alexis Aditi of Leopard Hill. I think you can always send for the pedigree at any time but you pay $25 for a 3 gen. and $50 for 5 gen.

Thanks Debby I can't wait to get he next month!
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I knew how to fill one out Those peds are so expensive! Both breeders gave me pedigrees, and I have them in a file in the house. You should see Tigger's pedigree! Man, is that one a sleu of names, and they go every which way, lol. If u want to see it let me know, & I can scan it & email it to you. I almost want to say that Gizmo & Scooter's is a 5 generation too, because there are only 4 generations on their certificates. The mom I think is an F4, but Im not sure.
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Tigger the peds are expensive! I did not know they cost that much until I got my girl. We are still waiting on the breeder of Taja to get us our papers.

If you don't mind sharing I would love to see them. You can send them to leopardhill@att.net

I love looking at peds.
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I'll send them to you in a little bit..... We're going out to the stores for a while I was lucky: I got the papers when I bought them. I didnt have to wait to get them spayed & neutered, although, I did let Tigger's breeder know.
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You are luck most breeders will not let the papers go until they are spayed. I am not waiting because I had to get taja spayed. I am waiting on her to send for them. If she does not get them soon I am going to demand my money back. I paid extra for her cause she is a breeder cat. She will owe the price for a breeder back but keep her pet price money.
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