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My Cat Is Losing Her Voice!

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My cat is losing her voice. i dont know how i can fix this problem.
She's almost 9 years old. She'll be 9 years old in April.
She hasn't always had this problem. She usually always has clean water and dry food.
I feed her moist food once in a while. Since she has dry food, that is, and water. Any tips?
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Have you taken her to a vet? If you haven't recently it would be a good idea anyway. Senior cats need more frequent check-ups so any problems can be quickly taken care of.

I'm not sure what may have caused this though.
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DItto the above

Make sure the senior panel also covers thyroid...

PLEASE make a VET appt
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thank you so very much. i'll do that.
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I'd say vet as well... on a similar note, my almost 13-year-old dog's bark has become raspy (and she's often at the vet as she has a thyroid problem... it's very under control though), so it might be an old-age thing... I joke and ask my pup if she's taken up smoking behind our backs, haha
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There can be numerous things that can cause a cat to lose her voice. For example, my cat had an upper respiratory infection and got a bit of a cough and she lost her voice for a couple of days. However, with so many possible causes, a vet visit is a good idea, especially with an older cat.
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